Start it out with a bang!

This year ended and began with a couple days of time with the family. Christmas eve, Christmas day and New Years eve and Day we spent at Gianluca’s parents house. We laughed a lot and ate too much and played games too. We watched a fireworks display from the roof of Gianluca’s parents’ house that the city of Modugno had put on New Years eve.

The end of one year and beginning of another is always a time to reflect upon the year that you have just finished. It was a challenging year for our family and ministry and we are glad to be branching off onto a new road in our lives and ministry this 2007.

My mom arrived on the 28th after a very crazy and very long journey- unfortunately without any luggage. The kids, EJ in particular, were thrilled to have grandma here and demanded her full attention! We enjoyed her time here and only the Lord new how much I, Carli, would need it!

Gianluca left on January 3rd for Rome and began an equally crazy journey to Morroco for the Mission i6:8 winter missions trip. The team led the church services at the Modugno church the Sunday (New Year’s eve) before their departure- sharing about their upcoming adventure and what each person hoped to give and gain from this experience. The church comissioned them and prayed for the wives who were holding down the home front too!

After the fireworks of New Years Eve our own little firework, Aurora Zoe, was admited to the hospital for 3 days after a severe allergic reaction to the penicillin she was taking for her bronchitis. Unfortunately upon her return home three days later she and mama came down with the stomach flu. She is still recovering from this 3 week bout of multiple sicknesses and is pretty week from not being able to keep food down.

We said hello to Gianluca and goodbye to my mom within a day of one another- Gianluca arrving the 13th and my mother leaving the 14th. EJ was happy to have his Daddy home, although sad to see Grandma go. It was a tough 2 weeks during Gianluca’s trip and so I, Carli, was happy to have him home again with the family. So we had a bit of a bang and a boom to the beginning of our new year. Trials have begun to surface, but we have faith that 2007 has many blessings in store for our ministry, our family, and those we minister to here in Italy and around the world. [On a side note: please forgive our lack of updates recently. We have once again been without internet for an extended period of time]. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who have begun this new year with us in prayer. We know many of you have been praying for Aurora and for Gianluca’s trip too. We feel them…they sustain us.