Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

What is i6:8?

Libreria - 10282 The name comes from Isaiah chapter 6, verse 8 when Isaiah responds to God’s question “Who will we send? And will go for us?” by saying, “Here I am, send me.” i6:8 can be summed up in four words, Sensitize, Select, Send and Support. We want to sensitize, select, send and support people who would like to fulfill the great commission. Sensitization is the process of challenging the Italian church to be involved in the great commission. This is done through short-term trips, church visitations, presentations, etc. Select is the work of selecting candidates and preparing them to take the next step- serve as a worker for a long-term commitment (1+ year). This will include formal training in both the theoretical and practical senses. Send is the process of getting the worker onto the field. This means setting up financial support, finding them a spot on the field, setting them up with an agency when needed, etc. Support is the work of sustaining the worker who is on the field. This means helping them to set up a support team, providing counseling, rest, further training and teaching, etc. In short, the vision of i6:8 is to realize the great commission (Mark 16:15). This then is the question that we propose…God is asking you “Who will I send? And who will go for me?” What will you say in response?


history.jpgi6:8 began in the late winter of 2004. It stems from a vision Gianluca and Carli recieved in 1999 to prepare and train people to fulfill the great commission. Then in the winter of 2004 God provided us with an Italian believer, Vito Marinelli, who had a similar heart. So i6:8 began with the dream of stimulating the Italian church to be involved in the great commission. We began to promote the vision in the local evangelical churches and received a great response in reaction to this challenge. Many people and churches gave financially and several young people expressed a desire to be involved. Then the idea for i6:8’s first short term trip was born. After months of preparation, with training in what it means to be a worker and preparation for outreach, i6:8 took it’s first group of young people on a trip to Albania Dec 04-Jan 05. The trip was a great success- especially in the lives of the young people who were involved. They were able to bless the Albanian church, through children’s outreach and visiting villages, and to be blessed in return. Since then i6:8 has been able to take many other trips to many other locations and has also begun a training program for youth who would like to go on the field longterm.

Current Projects

  • Candidate Preparation
  • i6:8 will be sending out two to three teams in 2016

How Can I Be Involved?

  • Pray for us and for the people we are working with.
  • Donate to this ministry. Your donations to this ministry would be put toward future trips (and the projects that the teams do during the trip [i.e., building a fence]), i6:8 school/training, supplies for teaching, hosting teachers, teams or interns.

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