Chiesa Pieno Vangelo

The Church

logo_mpv.gifLa Chiesa del Pieno Evangelo is an evangelical christian church in the city of Modugno (50,000 inhabitants), Italy. The Modugno church was founded in the early seventies, by a dutch missionary who planted several churches in the area. It is currently pastored by Mirko Ronchi. Today it has about 400 members and a strong vision to share the love of Christ with our lives with the people of Italy. The church in Modugno is very committed to outreach and church planting, therefore a lot of focus and effort is put in these two very important areas. Bible teaching and discipleship are also two very important components of this church. As the church has grown in the last few years, the emphasis has grown from being a local church to being a church for the whole region- today in the church there are 17 towns represented. The desire is to first let small home groups develop and then as God leads, to plant churches in these towns.

Mission Statement

The church has as a primary goal that of being a “People of true worshipers, committed to obeying the great command and the great commission, to establish a great church for the Glory of God.”

Our Role

Our desire is to collaborate with the church in order to serve the local believers and to maintain contact with the local church- something essential to the vision God has given us. Gianluca is on the preaching schedule and we are developing and leading the Global Outreach ministry of the church. We also continue our efforts to expand the vision of i6:8 within the Italian church- stimulating all believers to be involved in the great commission.

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