The harvest is ready

I am always humbled and at the same time filled anew with passion and motivation when I spend a weekend with our candidates.

This last weekend we hosted a preparation and teaching retreat for our candidates who are preparing to go. It was an intense weekend filled with rich and thought provoking teaching. We are thankful to our guest who was with us and all that he was able to give to us through his insightful teaching.

My favorite comment of the weekend was when was of the candidates interpreted that the most important part of a scripture was to go where no one else has gone before….I can see this passion growing in their hearts. To reach the unreached. To bring light where there is still only darkness.

Please please keep them in your prayers! Because they are willing to sacrifice everything their battles are many and the people who support them are few.

God is greater than these battles and the call pushes us forward … for HIS glory and for the lost.

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