Who we are

Gianluca Ronchi

gianluca.jpgGianluca was grew up in Modugno, a town in Southern Italy. He was raised in the church where his father is the pastor. He has always had a heart for the Lord and decided at a young age to serve Him in full-time ministry. Gianluca has a BA in Biblical Literature with a minor in M. He and Carli were married in 2002.

Carli Ronchi

carli.jpgCarli grew up in Redmond, WA. Carli dedicated her heart and life to the Lord at a young age, and decided to fulfill the great commission and become a worker in Italy at the age of 18. She has a MA in counseling-psychology and a BA in psychology. Gianluca and Carli have three children.

Why we are here

We came to Italy in 2003 with a vision of training and caring for workers who desire to participate in the great commission.  God continues to lead us and to unfold the ministry he has placed on our hearts. The vision we have is to provide training, practical experience and theoretical teaching for people who feel called to go. i6:8 was founded in 2004 and has been the channel through which we are able to fulfill the great commission. Our vision is to see peoples, communities and nations transformed by Christ, through the global movements of Kingdom disciples.

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