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11951494_10153617254182760_7608111839024882882_oSabato 19 Settembre in via alberotanza per tutti coloro che come me credono di avere ancora da imparare sul come essere il miglior genitore che posso per i miei figli! L’ospite è spettacolare e l’evento è aperto a TUTTI!!

Got a group arriving today! Yeah! We are so blessed and thrilled to be hosting a fantastic group from Canyon Hills Community church and just so excited that Pastor Larry will be joining us to share his heart and his experience. We are certain that God has great things in store.


School has officially begun…

And we’re off!









School has officially begun and we are trying to get back into the normal routine! Praying that this year my kids will do THEIR best, persevere, be kind, make friends, be a LIGHT to those around them, and keep learning to love Jesus and to know how much HE loves them!

Now if only it were summer again :S


Finishing off the summer with a bang!

This Sunday the kids will be leading the  Sunday morning church service and Gianluca will be continuing his series on the Psalms in the evening.

It was a full and eventful August in church this year and was wonderful to see how many new people came to church and how many people are finding their hope, joy and peace in Christ.

Can’t wait to see my three babies, and my honey up on the stage on Sunday!


God is powerful and mighty to save.

The youth ministry is having a retreat these days. God is at work in the young people in this city and in this nation! It is exciting to see all that He is doing and always fills my heart with hope that a generation who has a passion for the nations will be raised up among us!

EJ has the opportunity to go and help out the youth leader with a science experiment for her sermon- he couldn’t be more thrilled! It is a joy to see your children slowly grow and begin to make their own choices for Christ and we are so blessed by so many people who have a positive influence on his life.

A young person who has been preparing to work oversees was able to take an exploratory trip this August. This young person just returned a week ago, and we had the opportunity to sit down with them and hear about their experience in this other nation and about how God is challenging this person, providing for this person, and guiding them toward the next step.

Another young person, after two exploratory trips this spring, is making more concrete decisions about where they will go work oversees and is hoping to head out this fall for a permanent position.

God is working among the nations. We are so thankful to have a tiny part in it.  And we are so thankful for these young people who have a passion for God’s love to be shared to all people.

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14

Please continue to pray for her and the several other young people who are preparing to go! For their preparation, for the Italian church to embrace a more global vision and for open doors and financial provision for each of them.