Mission Conference 2014



Gianluca is helping to organize and will be teaching at a Missions conference this next month!

We appreciate your prayers for the organization of the event and for the hearts of all the families, youth and adults that will attend this event!

That God will help Italy to grow a heart that is EXPLODING for missions! There is still so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“With unflagging gentleness the house church leader gently challenged the number of believers in China that I had cited…

‘Of that number of believers you described in your talk, two-thirds of those people are what we would call members. Only one-third of those people are who we would call true followers of Jesus… But we do not consider church members to be true followers of Jesus until they have led other people to Christ and until they have helped plant more house churches.’

…Am I simply a member of the church or am I a true follower of Jesus Christ?”

Nik Ripken (The Insanity of Obedience)

“Hope is only as powerful as that which it is anchored to” (Judah Smith)

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. ” Hebrews 6:19

Living with Pain

Most nights I do not sleep. Or I sleep in shifts, waking periodically in discomfort or pain. Lately I have been sleeping in my kid’s rooms because their mattresses are better than ours is and the pain has been unbearable. Somedays I can’t breathe…the pain is in my spine directly behind my lungs and it literally takes my breath away. Other days I struggle to move, my back muscles are literally all blocked up. And still others I struggle to function, to concentrate, to do what I need to do, because the pain has taken my head as well and has become a migrane.

I think its easiest to complain. To ask God “Why me?”, or better yet, “Why not me?” I know and believe without a doubt that God is powerful enough to heal me, so why doesn’t he?  How do I keep hope?

Then I realize that it is not hope that I need to cling to, but it is God. I need to cling to God. No, better yet, it is God that clings to me. My hope needs to be anchored in God, the true source of my hope. My life may not always be easy, but it is joyful and it is filled with hope. Because it is filled with God. God can heal me. God will heal me. I don’t know when. Maybe today, maybe in ten years, maybe when I meet Him in heaven one day and receive a new body in glory! I don’t cling to hope, I cling to Him. I cling to Him because I know that He is love. I know that He loves me. I cling to Him because I know that he can create beauty from ashes. I cling to Him because only He is  mighty to save, to heal, to bring joy, salvation, love, and to give me hope for a future! I cling to Him because He has a plan for my life that I cannot see, nor understand. But I can trust. I can hope in Him and His sovereignty.

Like Joni (http://www.joniandfriends.org/television/painting-gods-pleasure/), and so many others who have found their hope in God alone. He has a plan in our suffering and he allows it for a reason. Don’t cling to hope, because that will only last as long as your strength does….cling to God, because it is He who is holding on to you!

La Gabbia

A great chance to tell people “Tu sei importante”!”

You are important!

You are important to us. You are important to God. He loves you so much that He sent His only Son to die for you on the cross to save you from all your sins. You are THAT important!

The Gabbia (the cage) is a ministry we hosted this last week which takes a “cage” around Italy and allows kids and young people to play soccer two on two for two minutes in rounds. In between games there is a chance to hear testimonies from real people who realized that God thinks they are  important and who chose to love them!

What a great message! You are important!

Let’s Kick Off the Fall!

Fall has officially begun around here!

The kids started school today and ministry is in full swing!

We hope you caught our fall newsletter! If you didn’t write us a comment with your email and we will send it your way! God has done so much over this last year and there is still so so so so so much more to come!

It’s been great to be with our team again. To plan the rest of this year, through December and start thinking about next year’s plans as well. We are already getting ready a conference for this Oct-Nov and a trip for this next Spring.

Pastoral team is up and running now too. We are looking forward to a busy and fruitful fall and thankful for all that God is doing in our midst. We are looking forward to hosting Dana and the team from CCV in October!




“Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret”

I had the chance this week to hang out with an awesome group of adolescents! We did the debriefing this week with the team members who served in the Balkins this summer.  After having to put off this awesome opportunity for several weeks due to various summer commitments, the time was just too short to share and talk and do everything that we needed to and wanted to! But it was fun to hear through games what they had learned, what God was doing in their hearts and things that had been imprinted in their minds… it was encouraging to see the response to the stories they had the chance to read about others who had received a missionary call… and it was humbling to be able to challenge them to evaluate God’s call on their lives!

Pray that the seed that God has planted in their hearts will grow and bring fruit and that the seeds they planted in the Balkins will grow and bring the fruit of salvation.