The importance of Family

Family is such a gift.

The constant when everything and everyone else around you is unavailable.

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It was a wonderful joy to have so much family here this summer- both from my side and Gianluca’s. We were able to celebrate my birthday together, my in-laws 40 anniversary, and just share in some pretty special memory-making.

Thankful that God gave me the gift of my family.


The youth summer camp concluded this weekend.

God is so much bigger than we can imagine or fathom! That was the theme and God proved himself to be such! Bigger! Miracles happened, people were challenged, lives were changed.

God is amazing.


We were thrilled to be a part of it this year. Gianluca had the opportunity to preach on missions this year and it was amazing to see how God had prepared the hearts of many young people.  Several people responded to the altar call and shared that they feel called to go! Wow!

So thankful that my God is bigger!

USA Team Summer 2014

We were thrilled to host a team from the Washington area this summer for two weeks. Even more amazing was that my, Carli, father, mother, sister and one of my nieces and nephews were all a part of the team! In fact it was my sister and nieces first time visiting me in Italy! It was an honor to have them, as was it to have the rest of the team.


They worked hard around the center to get it ready for this summer’s camps and also ministered with two of the local churches here doing street evangelism, beach ministry, and a two day sports camp vbs for kids in a city where we have a small church plant that is growing daily! It was a great group and it is a good thing, because my Dad broke his leg after less than one full day here in Italy and spent his entire time here in the hospital! My mom was often there taking care of him and thus began the juggling act of taking the team around, coordinating their ministry with the local contacts, cooking and shopping for them, coordinating the work projects and so much more! Lots of juggling went on! That’s for sure =)

But God is gracious and faithful and provided me with extra strength and grace and the team with lots of flexibility 😉

God did great things during their time here!