Heading home

Gianluca left this Monday! The kids and I will hang out a couple more weeks. Please pray for him as he gets settled again and plays catch up for a while before our arrival.

We have a really busy summer coming up!

July: Retreat for youth going on short term trip to Balkans, Visit from our partner agency to share with churches and pastors here and connect with our team, Team leaves for Balkans, Carli and kids arrive, Short term team from US arrives 4 days after Carli to do ministry with us and the local churches and church plants, team returns from Balkans

August: Youth summer camp, and so much more!

God is gracious and abounding in love

God is gracious and gives us so much more than we can imagine. We are so thankful to have had a few weeks of rest this June after a busy Spring at home in the US.

We were finally able to visit the WA rainforest, a long-time dream of Gianluca’s and have some extra time just for prayer, talking, and being together as a family.

In Him is our true rest and we are thankful that not only does he sustain us daily in the work that He has called us to do, but also that He provides us with moments of peace and refreshment. He is good.

ECF (CCC), CCV, Harbor, CHCC, OCC and CCF

Lots of acronyms to represent several amazing church families that we have been so blessed and honored to partner with in sharing the gospel to the ends of the earth.

We are so thankful for every pastor, and church member who welcomed us, who listened to us share about what God is doing through i68, who hugged us, prayed with us, encouraged us, blessed us financially, and allowed us the opportunity to do what we do and to let others know about it too!

We had a great time these last couple months and made so many great connections. We have some pretty amazing church families and we are thankful for each one of them! Thanks to all!!! =)