After only a few days in the US we headed out to California to visit our church families there. We had a great time connecting both with relatives, friends and our new church family at CCV as well as with our long time connection at Harbor.

We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness. We had a surprise last minute visit from a short term team from CCV this fall through our connection with Pastor Dana of CCV. It was a great connection and God opened the door for us to begin a partnership with them. This was a huge miracle and God’s timing because only two months later one of our supporting churches decided to merge with another church and let us know that they would not be able to support us any longer! God opened the door to cover a loss that we did not know we would have.

It was a wonderful time connecting and getting to know the family there better and we look forward to seeing how God will cause our partnership to grow in the future!

You win some; You lose some… really badly!!

We were set to head out on March 27, after a very very full winter and early spring. When we got to the airport and got through the line, we found that the company we had booked the tickets through, TUI, had booked our two daughters under the same ticket number! After spending the whole day in the airport with all three kids, and missing numerous possible flights they finally told us we had to wait 5 days to  fly home!!!

So we made it to the US 5 days late and hit the ground running!! We were supposed to have several days for the kids to settle before starting school, but as it was they started only a couple days after our arrival.  We were also supposed to have ten days before flying out again to visit two of our churches in CA, but ended up with only 5 days.

So the bottom line is NEVER NEVER NEVER fly with TUI!!! What a nightmare! But we made it and we are happy to catch up with friends, family, and churches.

First day of school

Our kids had their first experience with American schools this spring!

We decided to enroll them during our homestay for the first time in order to allow them a new experience. So all three of them have started school as we have started our regular connecting with our church families.