Desiring God

John Piper and his ministry Desiring God, has been a huge blessing for us and for hundreds of other missionaries and ministers around the world. Desiring God is the most complete online resource library- filled with sermons, conference messages, books, articles, an app for your phone, John Piper is on twitter and facebook and is just readily available to provide support and resources online. John Piper is a solid theologian and his resources are Biblical and well-studied. It has been a huge blessing seeing as though we are far from home and other resources and opportunities for growth and learning.

So I am soo soo thrilled that I, together with Gianluca’s friends (and a frequent flyer ticket), was able to pull together enough money together to send Gianluca to Piper’s pastor’s conference this month!!! We were also thrilled to learn that one of Gianluca’s best friends, who is also a pastor, will be attending and that Gianluca will have some quality time with him after not seeing him for 3 years. It will be an amazing opportunity for growth, refreshment, and I hope – rest!

It will be a really busy few months until we head home to the US. Keep us in your prayers!

Official Partners

We have the joy of celebrating our official partnership with a wonderful and supportive family! This winter we made official our partnership with them. We are so thankful for their support in becoming more efficient as a sending base.

This next week Gianluca, and another of our amazing team member’s, will be heading out for a meeting with other sending base directors. We have learned so much from this family and their support and the various bases, and we look forward to another opportunity to connect with them, learn from them and continue to build an excellent program for our missionary candidates and to support missionaries who are already on the field.

Tim Chester

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity as a church to host a wonderful guest through our relationship with Italian Ministries- Tim Chester- author of several books and church planter.

God has blessed us with several amazing partners and networking opportunities and we are so thankful for each partner that he has brought across our path.

Two days together


We had a two-day retreat these last two days with our amazing, wonderful, incredible i68 team.

We are so thankful for each of them, for what they bring to our team and to the Lord for giving them to us! We are a mix of cultures and ages and experiences and churches and God has brought us together to form a team. It is a challenge to work in a team when we are so different from each other, but we would not want it any other way. Our differences add value to our team, and create a healthy balance in our thoughts, experiences and opinions. This team is a gift from God. These two days were a wonderful time of team building, prayer, talking, playing, and loving each other more.

God is so faithful and we are prayerful and hopeful to be a team the can be an example to others who are forming their own team.

A new year has begun

A new year has begun and it will be a busy start to the year! We have a few really crazy months coming up but so much to look forward to. Please pray for us as we seek to balance ministry commitments, family and the most important thing- the source of our strength- time with God, in these months to come.

We have the opportunity to head home this spring. We are looking forward to reconnecting with out supporting church families and dear friends and have so much to share about all that is going on here!!!