Merry Christmas!!!

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that HE GAVE his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”


Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We wish you a blessed celebration of our Savior’s birth! What joy to remember not only that He came to save us from our sins- to die on the cross and rise again- but also that He lived! We have a high priest (Heb 4) who is able to sympathize with us because he humbled himself (Phil 2) and became a man. He understands our weaknesses and needs and tells us to approach the throne of grace with confidence!!! What joy! What peace!

Merry Christmas! We pray that as you and yours stop to celebrate this special day that Christ will fill your hearts with peace and joy as he has ours.

Stai con Noi- CD


This Sunday we had a special event in church to celebrate our kids and the release of a cd with children’s worship music produced by our church.

It was fun to listen to the kids sing and a great chance to host a lot of new friends and family

Open Doors

Our wonderful friendship with Open Doors continues to grow.

Gianluca was invited to be a member of the board for Open Doors Italia. We are thankful for this opportunity and ask for your prayers for his involvement in this wonderful ministry.

We would also ask your prayers as he travels this weekend to attend board meetings in Northern Italy.

Chloe is 5!


Today my baby turned 5! My baby! I love this little one so much- she is as full of personality as she is facial expressions! I love her strength of character, her sense of humor, her affectionate and caring nature and the joy she brings to those around her. Happy birthday Chloe! Daddy and Mommy love you to pieces


i68 has finally become “un associazione”- a nonprofit! We finished and signed the legal paperwork this week! We are so excited for this step and for all that it means for us as an organization!


Celebrate with us and praise the Lord!

We are also finished and officially partnered up with an amazing family that we are so thankful for them and to be part of what they do!

Sinterklaas Day


We chose as a family to celebrate the holiday tradition of Sinterklaas day, both because Gianluca is half Dutch and it is fun to have at least a few traditions from that culture as well, and also because we wanted to find a way to allow the kids the fun and immagination of Santa Claus and presents without distracting from the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of the greatest gift of all! The birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

We had a blast as a family going on a scavenger hunt for presents, eating treats from our wooden shoes and just being together.

The end of Galations..

Gianluca finished up his sermon series on Galations this Sunday with a bang!

It was an amazing conclusion to a very profound and exegetical study of the book. We are prayful and hopeful for how God will use His Word to change His church and the hearts of those who have heard his Word.

Dono Perchè Amo

This year for our Raccolta Miraculoso (miracle offering), we will be raising money towards a very special project on the heart of i68. We will be providing for an important necessity for our team both for their security, their mobility and their ability to share Jesus’ love with greater ease! We are excited about this opportunity!

Pray for generous hearts within the church body and if any of you would like to join in this amazing project let us know! It will be the best Christmas present you could give!

The date for this miraculous gift giving opportunity will be December 15th.