We are trying to read through the advent with verses to celebrate and make the kids more aware of and in anticipation for the celebration of our Savior’s birth!

Christmas is coming soon! My favorite time of year!!!!!!

Their are several sites who suggest verses that you can follow throughout the advent or John Piper’s daily devotion: “Solid Joys” has been an excellent resource.


Christmas tree

This year my husband let me get a Christmas tree! Yeah! My first tree since living in Italy and my first real tree since I was 12. The kids had a blast decorating it together with a little Christmas music.


Thankful for a little holiday cheer and for my husband 😉


Thankful… Does not begin to describe the way I feel today or any day. Thankful for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for me and for His love and forgiveness. Thankful for my super-amazing family, and for my second family here in Italy who loves me and makes me feel at home. Thankful for today- that I can walk and be outside and hug my kids and laugh and for a million other blessings that God has given me! Thankful to have a team on the field. Thankful to know so many amazing people who give their lives in such an excellent way to share the love of Jesus all over the world. Thankful to be a part of something that is so much bigger than myself. Thankful ….HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

Getting into a rhythm

Gianluca and I are so excited that we finally seem to be settling into a steady rhythm as a team for i68. We have an amazing group of people we work with! 3 of them are volunteers who have other jobs and church commitments but who give their time energy and hearts into i68 because of the passion they have for the nations. We have been able to begin meeting once a week as a team to pray, plan, organize, make decisions, pray some more and keep dreaming!

God is doing big things in i68 in this period and we are so excited to see His hand moving and guiding and to be a part of all he is doing. Think of us as we have fasting Mondays as a team and our weekly meeting on Thursdays.

A Great Opportunity


At the debriefing every year we encourage the young people who have attended a trip to consider the next step… what is God calling them to in their lives?

One great way to continue to seek God’s guidance and direction for their lives is through Mission-net. A European youth event for Missions.

We are thrilled that this year 15-17 people will be attending the conference from our sister church in Trani! Please pray with us that God will change many hearts and lives and solidify callings through this great opportunity!

We also have the opportunity to be part of a stand and to share with those who attend the conference what i68 is doing. Would you pray for our leader who will be present at the stand to greet people? We are confident that God will do great things! Because HE is a great God!