10 YEARS of service

Today we celebrate 10 years of service on the field here in Italy!

It has been an adventure! There have been many struggles, heartaches and disappointments, but there have been even more victories and things to celebrate! And each trial has taught so much about life, ministry and God. We count ourselves priveleged to have such an amazing job and are extremely thankful for everyone who makes it possible from home and for everyone here who supports our ministry as well.

God has done amazing things over the last 10 years and we can’t wait to see what happens over the next ten years!

I6:8 Nite in Church


Tonight the young people had a chance to share in church what God had done in them and through them during this summer’s trips. It so exciting to hear what God is doing! Praise the Lord for how He changes hearts and works miracles!

First day of school

We are ready for the new school year!


Fall is my favorite season for the smell of the fresh fall air, the leaves changing colors, pumpkin and apple treats, the sun shining, but the air is crisp…but I always am a bit sad to see the kids go back to school! I love having them home during the summer and miss them once the normal routine begins.

We are looking forward, however, to all that this new school year holds for us as a family and as a ministry! We know God has lots of good things in store!

A giving heart

Those in the world who claim to be Christian earn 68% of the world’s income. And we give only 3% of it to any church, and of that 3% only about 5% is invested in any international ministry at all. We must continually test our inoculation—our desensitization—to massive world need (Desiring God).
Let us have a giving heart. We had the opportunity to meet thousands of workers this summer at a conference. And I assure you that fundraising is a greater stress for most of them, then is the very work they do in some of the most challenging places in the world. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the church would rise to the occasion? If we stop being so attached to our daily latte and would give faithfully, what is already HIS, to the church and to worldwide missions? We could truly make a difference in the world!

Our worker, Marta, is still missing 20% of her monthly support. Would you please pray that God would touch the hearts of churches and believers who might support her in the work she is doing. We want the Italian church to rise to the occasion of sending out their own workers. And pray for our support too! As i6:8 grows, and our team grows, expenses change and we know that God can provide a people with a generous heart ready to give and support His work around the world. AMEN

Italian Ministries Conference

i6:8 was invited to participate in a conference this weekend for Italian ministries.

We are always so blessed and so thrilled to see Italians taking the initiative to work together, and create unity! His kingdom come!


So we sent two of our most dedicated collaboraters to represent i6:8 and share what God is doing in and through us! We are so thankful for the open door and hopeful to see many young people continue to be drawn into full time service through these opportunities!

i6:8 Mission trip 2

August 2013



An all girl team headed out to Moldova this last month. Ready to serve the Lord! They were able to work in a half-way house for young women who are transitioning from the orphanages there into real life. They were able to do prevention work for human trafficking as well as many others unexpected opportunities to serve, pray for those they worked with and share the loved of Jesus. We are excited to see what God has done in the life of these 5 beautiful women and are eager to see how he calls them to serve Him further…

#Praying for future missionaries!