The joy of a visit

My parents arrived just in time to celebrate my 34th birthday with me this year! And I got to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary with them!

They were here for 6 weeks and we tried to squeeze a few fun things during their stay. Here are a few snapshots of the fun:

i6:8 Mission Trip 1

August 2013


A wonderful team of young people was send out for a two week trip under the care of one of our amazing team leader’s, Gigi and his wife. There purposes were two-fold and although they faced a few trials and hurdles and even disappointments along the way we know that God is in control, He is sovreign and we are excited to see His plan continue to unfold! Especially in the lives of the young people who were involved in this trip!

#God keep calling workers for the harvest!


Annual Youth Summer Camp with special guest from the City Church

What a week! We are so thankful for how God moves and blessed us as a church body. The youth had a great week at camp this year and God did great things as always.

Just like heaven

This week we had the opportunity to attend an international missions conference for an agency that we have been working and partering with recently. It was a huge honor to be invited and to participate.

It was a week of walking among giants- workers who serve in some of the most difficult places, servants who pay the highest of sacrifices, peoples from every nation worshipping the Lord together in one place. It was incredibly overwhelming and humbling.

We are working very hard as a team to get set up as a sending base. It was a lot of information and a lot of people to meet, but every person was nicer than the last and we left thoroughly exhausted but full.

We have a lot of work in front of us as a team! Keep us in your prayers!