Preaching and Meeting and Vacation

We were able to combine a few important commitments with the wonderful generosity of two friends who hosted us and go to Holland for two weeks!

It was a wonderful time to connect with the church there and share about what we are doing and to meet with a local and international missions organization team to share about the work we are involved in.

Then after that was done we were able to enjoy a solid week+ of vacation as a family! It was so wonderful to have a break from the hectic speed of ministry and have time together to reconnect, laugh, rest, pray and enjoy Holland. God is good and blessed us beyond our expectations in many many ways!


Our church founded a non-profit organization. And the first event was hosted this month! We were able to have special guests, Nicola LeGrottaglie (A believer who is also a professional soccer player) and a Gymnastics coach too! It was a great event to reach out to the community and the kids had a blast too!! We look forward to seeing how God continues to use this new tool for His kingdom. Bracciaperta (a ministry of i6:8) is part of this organization and continues to work amongst the immigrants in our cities. There are more immigrants than Italian citizens in Modugno! Wow! There are a lot of people who need to be reached!!! Bracciaperta continues to host courses to teach Italian to immigrants and is working to activate other activities and services.


This month we had the opportunity to have some great training for our team and candidates through some wonderful leaders. It was a great week of learning, and interaction! Some tough subjects to tackle but God is so gracious in teaching us.

Prep for i6:8 summer trips has begun!!

I6:8 will be taking two trips this summer and we have a lot of young people ready to go and serve! The two locations are in the Balkins and one is undisclosed for safety. We are so excited to see these young people go out and ask the Lord if He has a missionary calling on their lives!

Please pray for them as we go through the classes, retreat, and other preparation for leaving this August! Please pray for all the details with our local contacts and who they will be going to serve. Please pray for several of them to open their hearts to a long-term calling on their lives.