A long awaited visit…



Grandma came to visit! The kids are so thrilled! And so is Mommy!! Gianluca left yesterday for Switzerland and it is a huge blessing to have my Mom’s help for the week that he will be gone and then her company for a few weeks after that! It has been since last June that we haven’t seen her and so we were very ready for some Ama time! She is already spoiling us and we can’t wait to enjoy every minute with her!

Thank you Jesus for special blessings!

An important exploration trip

Gianluca will be heading out February 22 for an important trip to a near by nation to talk with some important leaders about partnership and working together to get workers to the field.

Please be praying for his time there. He will be heading out with another member of the i6:8 team and a wonderful partner from Spain. Pray that God will open the right doors, provide wisdom and allow for a solid future partnership to be paved.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Pizza and a Red Rose


My husband surprised me with a babysitter and took me out for dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was a wonderful surprise! I am so thankful for the love that God has given us. It is beautiful to have him in my life and face every adventure with him by my side. We are a great team!

Happy Valentine’s Day honey!



The annual youth conference that teaches love at 360° begins this weekend!

Every year we take the month of February as a church to speak about love at 360°. Each year we have wonderful guest speakers, and awesome topics to stretch and challenge the youth of the church. We are excited to see what God will do this year!

Back update

Thank you to all of you who faithfully keep us in your prayers!

A special thank you to those of you who have been so faithful to pray for my back over this last year. I just passed my 1 year anniversary of my back going out. Things have not improved much and I recently finished the pharmaceutical therapy that my neurologist gave me to take for 2 months. Things have been pretty bad again since I have finished.

We keep praying and hoping for complete healing. Yet, we are so thankful to have the solid hope in Christ that I will be healed. One day I will be whole! I do not know if God will heal me while I am here on earth or when I get to heaven to be with Him, but I know that my time here is brief and I will spend eternity with a healthy strong body!

Thank you for your continued prayers! They are so important and we believe in the power of prayer! Pray for wisdom for the doctors and that I will be able to see my doctor soon and for wisdom for us as to whether to consider surgery or not. God provides wisdom to thos who ask Him for it! THANK YOU