La Cantera: Team building

This month we had the opportunity for more team building with our i6:8 team. We had our wonderful Dutch team members here for a visit from Holland and were able to spend some quality time praying, talking and opening our hearts.

We were also able to have some of our wonderful team mates over for a little dinner and time just to be together.

Team building is an important foundation for everything we are trying to accomplish for His kingdom. We have been so blessed with an amazing team of very talented people who love the Lord.

Resting and growing


Our dear youth pastor and the media man took a 3 month sabbatical in beautiful Seattle =) My home! They headed out for a few months for a period of refreshment, studies, time as a couple, time learning from other churches and ministries and certainly a time of spiritual growth!

We are praying for them! Join us in praying for their time away- that God will bless it richly and that each moment will be filled with His presence and His direction and voice and wisdom and healing. God is good!

We look forward to having them back soon and are thankful that skype exists!

He gives rest to the weary

DSC09547 DSC09565

God has been so good to us. We have come through a very tough year as a family, and so we are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us the possibility of taking a much needed and much enjoyed vacation in Holland and Spain. We had the possibility to spend a lot of precious time as a family and also with some very dear colleages and friends. God allowed us a time of peace, rest, great fellowship as a family and wonderful contact with the people we had the chance to visit. We were so blessed by this time.

DSC09655 DSC09637