Give thanks…

This year we did Thanksgiving a little differently. The money we usually spend on our big Thanksgiving dinner we used to buy food for immigrant families who are in need. Then we spent the morning taking the boxes of food around to people in need as a family. It was a great time as a family and a great lesson for the kids.

We are truly thankful for who God is in our lives and for all He has given us and done for us. We give because He first gave to us. We give in gratitude. Thankful….we are truly thankful.

Would you not give up all?

“Do not let anything unsettle you, dear Mother. Missionary work is indeed the noblest any mortal can engage in. We certainly cannot be insensible to the ties of nature, but should we not rejoice when we have anything we can give up for the Saviour?…Continue to pray for me. Though comfortable as regards temoral matters, and happy and thankful, I feel I need your prayers…Oh, Mother I cannot tell you, I cannot describe how I long to be a missionary; to carry the Glad Tidings to the poor, perishing sinners; to spend and be spent for Him who died for me!…Think, Mother, of twelve millions- a number so great that it is impossible to realize it- yes, twelve million souls in China, every year, passing without God and without hope into eternity…Oh, let us look with compassion on this multitude! God has been merciful to us, let us be like Him…I must conclude. Would you not give up ALL for Jesus who died for you?” (Hudson Taylot)