Getting ready to go

After a brief scouting trip one of the candidates of i6.8 is preparing to head out for the field!

We are excited for her and are learning so much together with her about the preparation process and all that she needs to do before she goes. God has provided a wonderful situation for her, great people to work with and the chance to use her studies where she will be heading.

Pleasse pray for her as she tries to raise funds, awareness and support over these next few months as well for her continued training and preparation.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!


Our poor little princess fell off the swingset and broke her humerus bone. 25 days in this crazy cast! That will be interesting. We haven’t even made it through one day and she is already going crazy with a spatula to itch herself! Poor thing. Keep her in your prayers please….and maybe just a little extra prayer or two that God would bless and protect our families health. There have been some pretty major things in this last year or so!

Thanks for praying! She is thankful for your prayers too

Never what you expect

So this last month I started the new phase of having an empty house in the morning…everyone made comments, “Oh, You’ll love the freedom!” or “Oh, that will be such a big change. I am sure you will miss the kids” and so on.

I must admit that I have not had time to notice the change! I have not had one morning free since the kids started school this fall. I feel even more busy than ever. It has been a busy fall with appointments, and meetings for the church, counseling and for i6:8. Lots going on! And lots more to keep up with!


I wonder if when I finally have a day off if I will still miss not having Chloe at home or if by that time I will, somehow, be used to not having the kids around in the morning? I’ll let you know if I ever have a day off! =S

New friends


We have 2 kitty cats who have adopted us. I don’t like cats but kittens are adorable . . .the kids are in love but they will be heading out to the center soon to catch some mice for us!

We are looking forward to having them on the team at the center!

A Little Staff day-retreat

Lago di Monticchio


The church staff had a little onee-day get away to celebrate the church secretary’s birthday and just to be together. It was a good time of team building, fellowship and celebration. We are blessed to work with such amazing people! We have a great church, and amazing leadership and an even more amazing God!

God you are good!

Retreat for team work and planning

The group which represents the ministry of i6:8 called The Cantera, met for a weekend retreat. It was a great time of fellowship, prayer, hanging out, relationship building and seeking the Lord. We were able to start asking questions, talking about plans and looking towards the next steps.

The Cantera is a ministry in development which wants to train young missionary candidates to go onto the field for full time service and to support, counsel and encourage people who are already on the field serving. We are excited to see how God is moving and orchestrating everything! It is in his hands.

DSC09452 DSC09462

DSC09360 DSC09409

A quick break and that back to work again. Gianluca got back on friday and we rushed out on Saturday night to stay 3 days in Calabria and try and catch our breath before continuing with our fast and furious paced life! We have had a really intense summer and have a lot coming up over the next month or so as well! Keep praying for God’s protection, strength and wisdom!!

Trip success!

Two trips to N Africa this summer and God did amazing things in both. One was a small team of 5 and the other an even smaller team, but did great things both where they were and in the hearts of the young people who participated.


We are excited to see how God is opening doors in places we have never been and are feeling the attacks from the enemy for what God is trying to accomplish in us and through us. Keep praying! God is at work!!!