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I6:8 Retreat fun!!!!!!!!!!

Things went great this last weekend! God is so good. He challenged people in areas they need to grow in, prepared and tested those who will be leaving for a short term trip next month and truly refreshed and encouraged our missions candidates who are all going through rather intense periods in their lives.

It was a lot of fun with games, and surprises. But also a lot of time to seek God and to hear him speak to our hearts.


Getting ready….

DSC08926 Getting ready for the i6:8 retreat this coming weekend. We are sure that God is going to do great things and excited to see what he has for each person. This is also the first year that both candidates and upcoming trip members will be attending (we will be holding seperate teaching sessions for each group)! We are excited about this change and to see how things go! God is at work!!!!!!!!

Work Projects at Ruvo

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Getting things done at Ruvo. Since our present hosts at Ruvo were out of town for a bit we had the chance to stay at Ruvo for 10 days to take care of the center and get some work projects done there. Gianluca continued the work project that this spring’s USA short term team started in a room on the second floor that had aspestus roofing and had to be completely redone. The room is looking amazing now! A lot of work and long days but a lot got done at the center.

Gardening, Roofing, Cleaning, Sweeping, Grouting, Painting….etc, etc. =)


Heat Wave

It has been the hottest summer since 2003…and before that it was the 1800s! We are melting and trying to keep pace with the ghastly heat.


A lot is going on. God is doing new things in the church staff and leadership team and in all of us as individuals too. You can sense that it is a new season in the church and a period of change, growth and transition. Keep us in your prayers as God turns everything upsidedown for His glory. We want to keep pace with what He has in store and keep faith that He is sovreign and will use ALL THINGS for our good and HIS GLORY! AMEN!