June flies by in a flash!

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The month started out as a whirlwind…filled with our return from a 4 day trip to Prague to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and all of the kids end of the year activities. Rory graduated preschool/kindergarden! How strange!! Next year she will be in first grade. The kids did wonderful in all of their performances and although it is stressful running around trying to keep up with everyone’s activities it is always fun to watch them!

Dad headed back to the US at the end of May and Mom followed him shortly after- staying a week in June.

We said goodbye to Mirko, our brother and co-worker in the church. He headed over to Australia for a few months of refreshment, studies, and equipment to further seek God’s calling and purpose for His life.

We finished up the premarital course at the beginning of June and were celebrating our first wedding by the end of June (the second to come shortly after on the 7th of July!).

The preparations for i6:8 summer trips continue and we know God is going to great things this summer. The trips have been a bit challenging this year because of their location and because their has been interest from so many churches spread all over Italy, but we still see God’s hand in it all and know he has a purpose. We are getting ready for next month’s preparation retreat as well!

There were also baptismal services this last month and Gianluca had the chance to preach both at a baptismal service, at a Sunday service and at one of the weddings.

It flew by in a flash and so much has happened. And God has been faithful and true in every circumstance.