Immigrant Project has a name


(Open arms)

Gianluca has been working hard to get the small facility that the church owns (and used to use for church services several years ago) ready to use for the immigrant project. The 26th a small group of people will be distributing brochures and inviting people to join the classes and then sign up for the course will be on Monday October 31st.

We are so excited to see what God will do as we welcome in the community with OPEN ARMS.


Just a REMINDER that last month we changed missions agencies. We found our sending home with IAM. Here are the options for giving:

Send a check payable to Iberoamerican Ministries with a note “Project Ronchi” on it to:

IberoAmerica Ministries

PO BOX 1493

Monroe, WA 98272

Or if you would like to donate by automatic withdrawl or paypal please contact us for further information!

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving!!! You make the ministry here possible through your faithful and timely giving. We appreciate all of you.

And finally!

This weekend there was the first ever Modugno church pastoral staff retreat! This is such an exciting accomplishment. We are so excited about this huge first step and how God will use it to continue to bring unity to the team. We have a great team of people, and we just need to continue to grow in our teamwork, unity, grace and communication. God is doing great things at the Modugno church and it is therefore essential that its leaders continue to grow in character, leadership, strength, integrity, and unity in order to continue to bring God’s church to the next level! Praise the Lord for all he is doing- HE IS GOOD!

Please continue to pray for the team! That God would bless them and keep them and help them to continue to with the work he began in them during this retreat.

Il Rifugio


There was an important board this meeting to discuss the center, Il Rifugio, and all that God is doing there. So much is happening at the center in this period and we are so excited to see God at work and to just watch in amazement as he opens doors and speaks words of encouragement and life into this place. We feel like the center has gone through a necessary period of quietness and healing and that God is opening the doors to a great and exciting new period! We can’t wait to see what He has in store.

The meeting went very well. Important decisions were made for the present and for the future. Please continue to keep this great place of ministry in your prayers and if you wish to donate towards this amazing place, contact us and let us know!

Happy Birthday to our little man!


7 YEARS old today!

WE are so thankful that God brought our beautiful boy into our lives 7 years ago. And we are so proud of the little man he is becoming. He has a strong sense of justice, is very protective, and sensitive. He is full of energy, loves going to church and loves Jesus.