Moldova trip 2011


A team of 14 young people from three different churches headed out to Moldova this August to serve and work among the street children and orphans there. This is the 2nd year that i6:8 has worked in Moldova and we were thrilled to hear the  results! When the team went last year the kids  were without hope and the workers were tired and served without joy or passion. This year when the team arrived they found a very different situation! The kids have begun to dream about their future- they have hope! The workers are excited about what they are doing and love serving the kids there. There is so much going on there among orphans, street children with orphanages, half-way homes, reabilitation programs, mobile medical clinics etc! God is doing a lot and he used these teams in a powerful way!

We are also so excited to hear how he is changing, stretching and growing the hearts of the young people who went on the trip. The team leader had amazing reports about the team- they worked well together, were great servants, had great attitudes and were greatly touched! Several are contemplating a long-term call to missions and all of them have developed a greater sensivitity to the world of missions and the need for missions work and to support those who serve. God brought healing through the trip to some of the members and used them to bring healing to a nation who desperately needs God’s hope!

Praise the Lord!

Playing Catch Up!

There is so much going on here!

We have enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Gianluca’s brother and his family upon our arrival home who are visiting from Switzerland. We have also been busy catching up on meeting with people, couples, our teams, and checking in at the center. The youth camp was in full force upon our arrival. We were able to send off and welcome home the team who headed out for Moldova the 14th through the 27th. We had a great i6:8 leadership team meeting this week and were able to discuss some important people who will be coming to visit and some exciting upcoming events. We were able to meet with missionaries in residence and talk through great things with them. It has been super busy and a bit overwhelming at times, but great things are happening and we are excited to be a part of them!

We have an Open Doors retreat that we will be teaching at the 2nd weekend in September and the kids will start school the Monday after that (the 12th). We will also begin our debriefing process with the team that just returned from Moldova this next week. And we hope to restart the missionary candidate training program by the end of September.

Keep praying for us and for all that is going on! And keep supporting us and the ministry here through your giving!

Casa dolce casa


We made it home after a fairly uneventful trip. We are thankful to be home and are also thankful for your prayers as we all try and adjust to the time, language and culture change as well as to getting back into our normal busy routine. It was a peacful reentry this time and was wonderful to live a sense of privilege and joy to be a part of the church body we serve in and to be serving here on the field. God is good!

Summer Sabbatical

After celebrating our 7 year anniversary on the field this last fall 2010, we had the opportunity this summer to take a 2 month sabbatical stateside. When Carli’s sister announced her engagement and gave us the date of August 2011, we felt like it would be a great opportunity to focus on getting some important things done!

So Gianluca has taken this summer to focus on translating material for the i6:8 missionary candidate program. We have 8-10 people who are ready to go onto the field long-term and we want to be ready to train them, and prepare them adequately for what lies ahead of them! It has been a great time to dedicate himself to this wonderful work.

We have also had the time this summer to visit supporters, churches, pastors, and friends. We are thankful for our church families here and for all the people who support us and our ministry. It is so great to have the chance to be here and to share with them what God is doing in Italy and around the world.

It has been a really busy summer and we are finishing off our time here this weekend with a wedding this weekend. God is good and His grace is sufficient for every occasion. We are thankful for His loving guidance this summer and for all that He allowed for us to experience and to achieve. Thank you all for your prayers and support. None of this is possible without you!