If you read the news today you will often the various nations of N Africa on the front pages. There is a lot going on right now. There are leaders being expelled, rebellions, wars, elections, and so much more. We are convinced that this is not by chance but because He is in control of all things. We are hopeful that this will create an open door to the Word and to workers who can enter freely into these nations who desperately need His love. Please join us in fighting this battle on your knees. We are certain that He will win it and we do not want to miss the brief window that could open up for workers to go in while the population is still open and seeking hope.

Gianluca with be joining a few other leaders from various locations and traveling to N Africa for a brief trip. Please be on your knees for this trip and all that it means for now and future collaboration. It is an important trip and will be an important key for the future.