It has been a blessing this weekend to host visitors at the center. We have been able to host a series of meetings with the i6:8 candidates, and with the i6:8 leadership team on Saturday and with the pastoral team on Sunday. It has been such a blessing to see how God has created these connections and to watch them grow. We have great expectations for what we can do to serve these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and for what they can do to bless and further the ministry of i6:8 as well. God is creating and international, global team who can more efficientely reach the world for His kingdom!

Moldova Trip- Team Meeting

Tonight there is a team meeting to finalize the members for this August’s trip to Moldova. We are so excited to see how God is putting together a great team of people.

Tonight we had a chance to over the upcoming program schedule for the preparation and retreat for the trip and to talk about details as well as to allow the members a chance to get to know each other through fun and prayer.

God is going to do great things this summer!

Update on Gianluca

Thank you to everyone who has been so faithful to support us throughout this process with your prayers, emails, phone calls and love! We appreciate them so much!

We just wanted to update you on Gianluca:
Gianluca went in to the hospital today. They did x-rays and an exam and it looks as if everything is healing fairly well. The doctor said it looked as if the bone might have moved slightly out of position since he was in last, but that it was not significant enough to warrant surgery. The bone is calcifying as it should. He will have to wear his current brace until the 6th of June, at which point he will have another set of X-rays and another visit to see how things are going. And if things are going well at that point he will be able to switch to an arm brace (at this point we do not know how long he will have to wear the arm brace for). It is good news…and remains a bit of a challenge. This means that Gianluca’s upcoming trip at the end of the month will be with his brace on and that he could still have his arm brace for our travels back to the US this summer. But we are thankful that they did not suggest surgery this time and that things are slowly healing! Praise the Lord!

Thank you all again for your prayers. God is so good.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love you. I could not ask for a better Mom, flaws and all! I think your imperfections make me admire you even more, because you always persevere, try to grow and to become the best person you can be in every role that God has given you. I hope you feel treasured, loved, appreciated and super-special this Mother’s day.


….And as for me this Mother’s day? With my husband unable to spoil me as he usually does, it gave me a chance to just say, “You know what? This Mother’s Day. I am just thankful that I am a Mommy.” Because there sure are a lot of blessings that come with that! Like last nite: Unable to attend the church service with Gianluca still in bed, I was able to create a church service here and home for me and the kids. We jumped up and down and raised our hands to some worship songs, we read a story from the Bible. We learned a lesson, colored a page, did a game, did a craft and finished it off with a short video all about the same message. At the end of the nite my joy was when EJ said, “Mom, church tonite was really fun!” I love being a Mom. And I have got some pretty amazing kids.

Retreat from the chaos of a wedding

This Saturday we held our Premarital Couple’s Retreat at the center in Ruvo. The retreat was a one day intensive! We love to give these couples a chance to get away and just have time to talk together, pray together, and focus on the important things of their upcoming marriage for one whole day! It was a great day.

Everyone came with a great attitude and spirit. They enjoyed the retreat format which allowed a lot of time for them to practice, to talk, and to pray both individually and as couples between each study. It was also so wonderful to see our co-leaders, Fabrizio and Roberta, emerge as leaders this weekend. Unfortunately, due to his injury, Gianluca was unable to attend the retreat. But our co-leaders stepped right up and took on his studies, even if it was at the last minute and they did a great job!

DSC05348 DSC05350

We had a great time seeking the Lord and asking him to give these young couples the right start to their new lives together!


That’s what they are called right? A momentary set-back? Well we definately had one of those this week!

Gianluca fell while playing soccer hitting his head and breaking his clavicle bone. He was admitted to the hospital late that night because he kept passing out and because he was able to stand on his own. So after putting his bone back into place and placing him in a brace, they admitted him for further tests to make sure there was no head trauma. He spent 2 glorious days in the hospital and finally came home on thursday afternoon. We are, especially the kids, happy to have him home, but it has also been a very slow slow recovery. He has suffered from a lot of pain and has continued to be fairly immobile. But His attitude has been joyful and He has found peace in the Lord. It is only a temporary set-back…soon we’ll be back to serving the Lord full-time. And in the meantime He is enjoying the chance to pray and read full time!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love and support!

Getting ready to serve Him this summer- i6:8

Monday i6:8 leadership team had a meeting to organize this summer’s events and ongoings.

We are so excited that there has been an overwhelming interest in participating in this year’s trip to Moldova. There are 4 young people from the Trani church, 1 from the church in Bari, 2 from Lecce, 2 from Andria and around 10 from Modugno. The team will be finalized this week so that preparations can begin!

We are excited to see how God puts this team together and prepares them over the course of the summer, so thankful for the leaders He has called forward to lead the team and filled with anticipation for another amazing trip this August.

Worship Service


Sunday May 1st Worship Service at the Modugno Church

The Modugno Church started this month off right. Sunday May 1st there was a worship service. The service was dedicated to praise and worship, with a few moments of reflection. It was a powerful service and God’s presence was felt from the beginning to the end. Pastor Gianluca Ronchi led the moment dedicated to giving our tithes and offerings, and Mirko Ronchi led a brief moment of reflection. It is always good to stop and take a moment to praise the Lord for His goodness and His faithfulness. We have so much as a church to be thankful for and to praise the Lord for. He deserves all our worship.