Happy Resurrection Day!

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son. That whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).”

Our family is so thankful for the gift of the Cross, and that our Lord rose from the dead to conquer sin and death and offer us the gift of eternal life.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the GIFT of God— not by works, so that no one can boast (Ephesians 2:8-9).”

Happy Easter!!!!

Palm Sunday


“Second, Jesus’ mercy was self-denying – not ultimately; there was great reward in the long run, but very painfully in the short run. This text is part of the story of Jesus’ moving intentionally toward suffering and death. Jesus is entering Jerusalem to die. He said so, “We are going up to Jerusalem . . . and the Son of Man will be delivered up . . . and they will kill him” (Luke 18:31-33). This is the meaning of self-denial. This is the way we follow Jesus. We see a need – for Jesus is was seeing the sin of the world, and broken bodies, and the misery of hell – and we move with Jesus, whatever it costs, toward need. We deny ourselves the comforts and the securities and the ease of avoiding other peoples’ pain. We embrace it. Jesus’ tears were not just the tender moving of his emotions. They were the tears of a man on his way toward need (Piper, from sermon “Tears of Sovreign Mercy”).”


Gianluca has had several great opportunities these last few weeks!

On Saturday April 9, Gianluca preached at a youth service at a church in Andria. He was also able to present the upcoming i6:8 trip to Moldova this summer to the youth group and invite the young people to consider participating in this life changing experience.

On Friday April 15 Gianluca had the chance to present the Moldova trip to the youth group at our sister church in Trani. We’re prayerful that God will call many of these young people who heard the news about this trip and this nation who desperately needs the Lord’s hope to go!

On Saturday April 16 Gianluca had the chance to preach at a youth group in Bari. He shared a powerful message on the life of Hudson Taylor, which was also a powerful challenge to those young people to participate in the upcoming trip to Moldova. It was great to talk with those afterward who felt God calling them to go.

Please be praying for all the youth who recieved the inviation to participate in this year’s trip. Pray that God will call new people, they he will bring unity in the Italian churches through this experience and that He would form the team that would make the difference in Moldova. There are so many orphans who are waiting….we are prayerful that many will go.

Sunday April 17 Gianluca continued his sermon series on the book of Galations in the Modugno church Sunday service. The series has been a great encouragement and challenge for the church body!




God has been so graceful to grant the Modugno church so many amazing young people with extraordinary talents! The more amazing things is to see how they place those talents at the Lord’s feet and dedicate them to His service.

One of these talents is several amateur photographers. The church will be hosting a 3 day photography display. The event was put on by two amazing young women who are working hard to share the gospel by using their creativity. They are creating various types of evangelistic events to reach all different types of audiences- all of whom need the Lord, and His grace, forgiveness and love.

We are certain that God will use this event to reach a new audience, to share His light and His hope and to bring new faces through the church doors.

Chris Mendez

The Modugno church has the honor to host Chris Mendez, Pastor of The Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia for a few days this week. We will be keeping him busy!

Tuesday he will be doing a service for the whole church body. It is for evangelistic purposes and we hope to see al the church family invite their family and friends to participate in great number! Wednesday morning their is a pastoral staff breakfast, and wednesday night there will be a mini-conference for all the leaders of the church.


We look forward to all that God has to give us and to how he will challenge and grow us through the visit of this great servant of the Lord.



Tonight there was an informational meeting for anyone who is interested in participating in this summer’s i6:8 trip to Moldova. A team will be returning to this nation to work with the orphanages and street kids. The trip will be this August. Please pray that God will form the right team for His kingdom and glory and that He would begin to prepare the hearts of those who will be going. Pray that He will open their hearts to a long term calling, that He would create a strong team unity, that He would provide the funds necessary for all the team members who are leaving and that He would use them in a powerful way to bring hope and change to this nation who is in such desperate need! Moldova is the poorest nation in Eastern Europe. It is so poor that there are tragedies such as people selling their children into prostitution or for organ donation. Their are many street children and most end up in the prositution ring. They sleep in the sewers to keep warm in the winter because they have no where else to go. They are without hope- they do not know where to look for hope and have lived so many hopeless situations for so long.


The team that went last summer came back saying, “Even though they don’t have anything, they give you everything they have to express their gratitude.” We are so excited to bless this nation!

God is good and we are confident that this trip will bring glory for His kingdom! If you would like to give to support the work projects of this trip, have more info regarding the trip or support a member who is having trouble raising funds for the trip let us know!