Nicola Legrottaglie


The Modugno Church was happy to host professional soccer player, Nicola Legrottaglie, Sunday evening. In an interview style format He was able to share his testimony as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. It was a powerful testimony in the Italian culture in which we live. He is bold in his faith and is helping to change the negative view that many Catholics here in Italy have of Evangelical Christians. God is reaching even the hearts of people who are “in view” of the greater public to turn this nation upsidedown and make a difference for his Kingdom. We are so thankful that God used this opportunity to share His love for the people of Italy.


We are so happy to have welcomed the family that we will be staying with us for a while. God is good and we are confident that He is going to do great things!

Please pray for us that we may be a true blessing to them and have wisdom and grace in how to best sustain and love them. And please pray for them that God will open the doors to the right place for them to serve.

Baptism Services

We had baptism services for two Sundays- March 13, and 20. Gianluca baptized on Sunday March 13.

Four young people decided to be baptized and several people came to know the Lord during the services. God does such amazing things through the testimonies of these people who have chosen to follow him!

Praise the Lord!

March 18 2011


Aurora is 5!

Our little princess is 5 years old! We are so tahnkful for our miracle baby and the gift that she is to our family!

We are also so thankful that my mom (carli) is here for a 2 week visit! It is great to have the fellowship, encouragement, help and love! It was a true blessing for Rory’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Princess!

Ready to serve

Gianluca finished up the apartment that he has been working so hard to prepare for the missionary family who will arrive at the end of this month. After a lot of work, especially on Gianluca’s part, but also thanks to the efforts and contributions to many other people from the Modugno and the Trani church we were able to prepare a beautiful place of rest to bless this worthy family.

Gianluca did a food drive and a general collection for anyone who wanted to donate household items to the house and family. Everyone was so generous and we were able to collect various food items to last them a significant amount of time as well as household goods such as napkins, toilet paper, cleaners, soap and toiletries! We are so excited to be a blessing to those who have so faithfully sacrificed themselves for His kingdom.

This opportuntiy will be a true blessing to us personally and to the ministry of i6:8. It is a step towards the future that God has called us to. It is a chance to care for, love and support missionaries- which is part of our 4-fold ministry! God is so good and we are so thankful for the chance to love on these people. We are certain that He will both use us and allow us to learn so much from His humble servants.