Missions Conference (2/25-2/27)


A group of 12 young people are joining Gianluca this weekend to attend a Missions conference in Pescara. I6:8 will also have the opportunity to have a stand at the conference. We are excited to see what God will do in the lives of these young people and we are also excited to see how God continues to help us build new contacts, relationships and bridges to further his kingdom and the ministry that he has given us. Pray that God will do great things.

Work In Progress


Gianluca, with the help of a few other faithful helpers, has been working really hard this last month or so to prepare an apartment at the center for the missionaries who will be coming next month. We are expectant for their arrival, and for how God will bless and develop our partnership and relationship. Please pray for them and their future steps and that God will open the right doors. Please pray for us that we can be a blessing, a help to get them where they need to go and refreshment after the difficulties they have lived through.

Gianluca has done so so so much work to make the apartment beautiful, wlecoming, relaxing and inviting so that their time here may be a time of rest and rejuvination and of preparation for what lies ahead of them.



This month the theme for the church was- True Love. Every Sunday the preacher spoke about what true love is. It was a great month with many challenges, encouragements and decisions to change ones life and to choose Christ and His love.

Gianluca had the opportunity to be involved in two of the events that the youth group organized for the month. One Saturday evening youth service Gianluca had the chance to teach, together with his dear friend Vito, on friendship. It was a powerful evening and Gianluca and Vito’s friendship spoke even more loudly than the message itself. There was also a mini conference held Sunday morning. Gianluca had the opportunity to speak about Marriage during this mini-conference.

It was a great month and most importantly God used these moments to speak about His love!