10 Year Anniversary!


This Monday Generazione Scelta will be hosting their 10th annual First of November youth event!!!

God has used this ministry to encourage so many yuong people and to help to create unity among the evangelical churches in Italy. There have been several challenges ready to impede this special event from taking place this year, but God will be victorious! We are so excited to celebrate all he has done in these last 10 years and to celebrate how he has allowed us to be a part of it!

Please pray for all the young people who will attend. Pray that God will challenge them, encourage them and bring them to the next level. Please pray that God will continue to create unity among the churches here in Italy- this is always such a challenge to create and maintain! Please pray for i6:8’s involvement in the event! Pray that God will place a missionary calling on the lives of many young people and that many young people will be interested in the upcoming trips!

And most of all thank the Lord iwth us! 10 years is quite a victory- and we are thankful!


We had a great meeting last night!

i6:8 invited all the young people who have over the last year or so communicated to us that they feel called to go long term. Last night we hosted a meeting to challenge each of them to make some decisions with the Lord so that we can begin the more official process of preparing them as candidates!

God is doing great things through i6:8 and we are so excited to see how he works and opens doors and his faithfulness to us and to those that he has called!

Sharing God’s goodness

i6:8 has had the opportunity to share about the recent trips to Greece and Moldova 3 times now. It is always exciting to have the opportunity to share what God has done in the individuals who participated, and in the nations they have visited. It is a great way to involve new young people in i6:8.