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God has done so much in our lives and blessed our ministry so richly over these last 7 years! There is so much to say, so much to tell and so much to thankful for! We are so thankful for all the people He has placed in our path along the way. The people who have made our service here possible with their faithful support. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US HERE 7 YEARS! You know 7 years are an important landmark in the life of a missionary. They say, for example, that it takes 7 years to overcome culture shock. So we want to celebrate with joy this victory that the Lord has given us. He has allowed us the possibility to serve Him here for 7 years and brought us through every step of our journey! PRAISE THE LORD!


7 years would not have been possible on our own! Thank you to everyone who has given to us the ministry here financially, thank you to everyone who has prayed for us faithfully, thank you to everyone who has visited us, thank you to everyone who has called or wrote or sent a package to encourage and bless us. Thank you to everyone who has served alongside us, fighting the good gith, working through difficulties, hardships and discouragements. We are blessed with amazing people to work with and wonderful people who support us from home. You have all made this journey a little easier!


In 7 years we have seen a ministry (i6:8) be born and grow exponentially beyond our wildest dreams, we have had the joy of walking alongside many couples who are in various stages of the marital adventure, we have worked in every sense (manually, administratively, directing, serving, hosting, etc) at the center Il Rifugio, we have changed 3 church buildings since we have been here due to church growth, we have visited several nations and had the joy to share with them the Lord’s amazing unending love for them. God is good and we have reason to celebrate!


Testimony- i6:8 in Greece


At times there are no words to explain what God is doing around you, and through you…but I want to try. My desire to go was very strong, but the possibility was not there. I didn’t have money and no one to fill in for me at work while I was gone. But God had told me that I would leave, and that is what happened! God is faithful!

In Greece we had the task of distributing 60,000 New Testaments to cities and towns in the middle of nowhere in Arkadia and Lakonia for a project called “Project Joshua 3”. There were many challenges: the language, the territory, physical discomfort, and tiredness from the many kilometers covered each day in order to distribute all the Bibles, and not to mention the tortuous and impassible roads we had to drive on! It was a missions experience in every sense. But I can say that when you are at the center of God’s will for you, the obstacles and and limits disappear in front of His power. Are most powerful armor was that of prayer. We prayed all the time and for every thing. We prayed for physical healing, for discouragement, to find our way, for people, for water to drink…and God was always there in front of us showing us the way. This dependence on God grew every day, and I believe that this broke something in me in a miraculous way. The dependence on Him, on His sovreignty, His power helped me to free myself from certain ways of thinking and to see things from a different perspective. . .God’s perspective, which looks at our limits, at our commitment, with love, patience and trust, putting together that which we cannot do on our own. Yes, God really does miracles!


Moldova- Testimony

I went with the i6:8 team to a camo for Moldovian Orphans. It was a very intense experience for me because I relived, during our time at the camp, my childhood.

As a child I went through difficult times due to the separation of my parents, and I lived in a boarding school for a period as well. I was a naughty and rebellious child. . .I beat up my classmates, ripped their school uniforms, took their notebooks and books and threw them out the window, etc. . .I was mad at myself and with whoever was near me because I did not understand the reason for me life, my existence, and my situation and difficulties. Whent hey spoke to me about God and told me to pray I was contrary to the idea- I was angry with God too, giving Him the blame for everything in my life! One day I found myself at a Christian camp, similar to the one where we were in Moldova and there I prayed to God and said, “If you really exist, come into my life”..

In that moment everything changed…a warmth inside me and a joy and peace…and the voice of God that whispered to me that He was with me and that He had always been with since the very first days of my existence, even when I was angry with Him, even when I blamed Him, even when I cursed Him, and even when I cried and desired not to live any longer. ..

I found myself sharing this testimony with the children in Moldova. They were incredulous to hear me speak, and to hear a story so similar to their own. And in this way I explained to them how the immense love of God is everything for me…and how His love is greater than the love that any mother or father could have given me…and how God had never let me down or abbandoned me and that He would never do that. After my testimony and a brief message from the BibleI explained to them that choosing to follow Jesus is not a choice that you make only one time in your life, but it is a choice that we need to make every day with our hearts..and so I made this challenge to them: “Who wants to choose Jesus today with me?” and all of the children stood up and came forward and hugged me. I wanted to cry and called the entire team forward to pray and prophesy over the children that had come forward; it was amazing!

What I brought home with me is a greater understanding of the love of God and of His grace that abounds in my life spiritually and materially. . .because the needs that we may have every day, for those children are unimmaginable things…and something that for us is taken for granted like warm food or a shower before going to bed, for them is a dream. And I realized that I have a gift that is to great- faith! As it is written “For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith and this is not of yourselves but is a gft of God so that no man may boast.” Ephesians 2:8 This is a gift that sometimes I hold onto to tightly…caught up in my own situations, and problems and everything that is going on around me in selfishness, instead this gift is meant to be shared and brought where maybe no one has ever heard the message of salvation not even once in their lives. This important to understand because the purpose of our faith is the salvation of others, “for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls (I Peter 1:9).” You are important because God has a plan for your life, unique and perfect…just for you!