Concert Saturday August 28


The Modugno Church will have the honor to host Nico Battaglia in a concert Saturday August 28 at 8:30. Pray with us that it will be a great opportunity to evangelize and to bring new people into the church and to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Sharing God’s work

The i6:8 teams that went to Moldova and Greece had the opportunity to share this Sunday in church at Modugno what God did in their own lives and in the nations they went to serve. It was a powerful service and God challenged the church towards a greater calling to missions. Young people continue to dedicate their lives to Him and to service in Missions! Gianluca concluded the testimonies with a sermon from Galations that had a missions bent. God is good and He is working!!! Praise the Lord!

Playing Camp Again

Gianluca and I packed up the family again this weekend (thurs-Sun) to head over to our center in Ruvo in order to host a summer camp. Believers came from both Bari and Napoli for this camp. It was good to see the center being used for His glory and that the lives of believers were encouraged and strengthened!

Modugno Church Youth Summer Camp 2010- 4D


What a great week with a great group of young people! Around 60 young people from around Italy (and mostly from our own church here in Modugno) gathered at il Rifugio in Ruvo for a week of summer camp- 4D. God did amazing things this last week and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of it! Gianluca was invited to teach a daily workshop on Missions and I was invited to participate in teaching one of the workshop sessions in the series “Heart for the Church” on Pastoral Care. A lot of fun was had by all through games, and silly evening sessions….but it was also a very intense week. There were young people who gave their heart to God for the first time, young people who got their lives back on track with the Lord and young people who were challenged in their calling to serve the Lord.

It was a tough challenge going straight from Greece into a summer camp, but God renewed our strength daily and now we are looking forward to a few moments alone as a couple and as a family unit. The kids had a blast with all the youth and playing outdoors all day at the camp and going “to church” every day. God is good and we are thankful for the chance to serve him and the strength to do it in spite of our tiredness!