Family Vacation


Our family had the amazing opportunity, thanks largely to the generosity of a dear relative, to visit Disneyland this month while we were visiting California. It was an amazing time! Everything went so well, the kids had so much fun and were absolutely thrilled with every part of the experience. It was so amazingly wonderful to have some time as a family and a little rest as well! We even got to go play in the ocean! We praise the Lord for His goodness in allowing us the joy of this unforgettable experience!

Flying in style!

We arrived safe and sound after a very adventurous trip.

We missed our flight from Rome to New York, but got onto one going into Atlanta. We had over an hour of very severe turbulence going into Atlanta- the plane got hit by lightening twice and Rory threw up all over herself and me (Carli). Our flight out of Atlanta was delayed three hours. We finally arrived stinky and tired to Seattle at 11:30pm Thursday nite.

We are happy to be here and ready to visit with all our loved ones, amazing supporting churches and to try and get some much needed rest!