WE’VE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!

We moved into our new facility over the last couple weeks and Monday we had our first “unofficial” service in the new church facility! God is so good! We switched to one service a Sunday until we are able to fill the new, much larger facility- but the amazing thing is that it was already full on Sunday! We barely fit! There were people standing in the aisles and sitting along the sides of the room. We are so excited to what God has in store for this new chapter of the church and our ministry here!

We’ve moved! =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year….

We are most thankful for God’s faithfulness. He has been so faithful to us in so many different ways over this last year. He has provided in miraculous ways in many different situations and circumstances. He has taught us so much through both trials and triumphs. And He has opened doors that we never dreamed of.

We are also so thankful for each of you! Thank you so much to everyone who faithfully prays for us, who gives sacrificially, and who sustains us through phone calls, emails and visits. We appreciate you all so much! You are a huge part of the ministry here!

National Youth Conference- D+

This year was the 9th annual national youth conference hosted by GENS (generazione scelta) hosted by Il Rifugio (the center owned by the church). Gianluca had the opportunity to help with the set up and construction of the stage and backdrops as well as running all the legistics for the center itself. GENS, is as an organization run by youth with the purpose of uniting the young people in Italy and challenging them to be involved in their churches and to reach the lost. GENS also has other subministries that are, or have become, a part of it. GBU is a ministry whose purpose is to reach the universities in Italy through campus ministry. Mission i6:8 has the purpose of training young Italian people to go out into the world and save the lost through full-time missions. Cristiani Animati is a ministry that is using communication and media to reach the lost and to help churches be more effective in reaching their communities.

This years conference was called D+, which is a play on words that means “di più” or “more”. It was a challenge towards unity and prayer. God is doing great things in and through the young people here in Italy and we are excited to see Him work and to be a part of it!

For more pictures or information you can visit www.generazionescelta.it (You’ll notice a picture of a group of people dancing, and although highly unfathomable for many, Gianluca is in it!)