The work goes on!

The work at the new church facility is moving along! It has been great to see the church united toward accomplishing the task of preparing the building for us to enter it! The whole church body has been involved. Things are going well and we are hopeful to move in this month! It will be a great change for us and we are excited to be at the center of town and to be more visible to the community.

Another huge praise!!!!!!! The raccolta miraculosa went amazingly well. This was the first time the church did a similar offering and the body gave 14,000 euro in offerings and 19,000 euro in promises (to be given over the next 2 years). God is so good. He provides in every sense and we are so thankful!

Nico and Alice Wedding

Our dear friend Nico got married on Monday and Gianluca got to be both the best man and to translate for the wedding (Alice is English and Nico is Italian). They are an amazing couple who want to serve God by going into full-time missions and we are honored to know them and be part of their lives! Congrats you guys!


Please pray for the upcoming National youth conference to be held next Saturday October 31 at Ruvo. It will be focused on unity and prayer this year and we are confident that God will do great things!

Christian Psychologists in Italy- Conference in Sicily

This weekend I was invited to attend a convention in Sicily with two other colleagues from the Modugno church. It was a convention for Christian psychologists in Italy. It was a great opportunity to connect with other Christian psychologists in Italy and for me to be able to encourage them in their ministry as psychologists because at this point many of them are not accepted in their churches for being psychologists and are rejected by their colleagues for being evangelical Christians.

Gianluca braved the weekend with the 3 kids for the first time. Everything went well, aside from a few adventures here and there! 😉

In order to save money, we took a crazy trip to get there. We flew from Bari up north to Pisa and then from Pisa we flew south to Palermo. But in the end, this to prooved to be a blessing because we had the opportunity to visit Pisa on the way back home.

September 30- Oct 10: Work in Progress

The work has begun on the new facility that we will be renting. The pastoral team, and a church member who is an architect, and another member who is a wed desginer, have worked hard to create the plans for the restructuring/refurbishing of the new facility and now the hands-on work has begun. Gianluca has been heading up the work (Mirko and Pino Ronchi are currently out of town) and has been working really hard to get things done as quickly as possible so we can get into the new facility and start using asap! =) Lots of looooooong days…7am-11pm. But things are getting done! Praise the Lord!

October 7, 2009- EJ is 5

Our baby is 5 years old! Can’t believe it!!! Time goes by so fast. We were able to throw him a pirate party, in the midst of the craziness of the work going on at the new facility, and celebrate with a few of his friends! He is a special little boy and we are so blessed to have him.

We have the keys!

The Modugno church got the keys to the new facility that will be renting! There is a lot of work to be done to make it suitable for our needs, but we are so excited about this step! The new location is in the center of town and its main entrance opens up to the main street. It is much larger (and more presentable) and can host many new people! The town is already talking about us, and for the first time the church is more “in view”. We are so excited to see how God will use this location to continue to help the chruch to grow in numbers and in spiritual maturity!