God is Faithful

We wanted to share a story of God’s faithfulness and an encouragement, to us, of how God is using Mission i6:8 to reach the world.

Flavia went on one of the first Mission i6:8 trips to Albania. She was shy and barely spoke in groups. In fact, when she tried to give her testimony from the podium after the experience she stood there giggling, never managing to say anything. She participated in the Mission i6:8 ministry, attending meetings, courses, and trips, she worked for us for several months when I was on bed rest with Aurora and talked with us on several occasions during that time, through Gianluca she went to Wycliffe Bible center in England to practice her english.

This August she stood in front of the church and shared with the whole church her plans to go with OM on the logos ship. As we watched her we saw a life changed. It is rare to see the fruit of ones ministry unfold before you in such a beautiful way- but there she was sharing her heart and what she was going to do. She left with the OM ship this August and will be gone for 2 years. She came over to say goodbye to me and the kids and as I talked with her I saw such a peace in her about what she was going to do. She was ready to go, ready to serve. I felt awestruck, thinking, “Wow! God allowed us to be a part of that!!! Wow!”

God is faithful. Faithful to call, faithful to use us, faithful to provide for the strength we need to accomplish His will. WoW!

Estonia Day 13-15

Saturday the team moved off the farm today and into the missionary’s house. Sunday the team was able to attend a church service again and then they headed into Tallin, the capital of Estonia, for a tour day and to stay the night. Monday the LONG trip home began….only to arrive tuesday morning on a train from Rome, very, very tired!

Friday we were able to host the team here at our house for an informal debriefing and pizza. This week there is a youth camp at the center, but the following week we will begin the official debriefing sessions. It was nice to begin to get a glimpse of how God worked and is working in the hearts of the young people who attended. God is good!

Estonia Day 8-9

The team has moved out to the farm where they are working. Yesterday they worked really hard all day to build their own bed frames to sleep on! They were able to get them done and the girls were able to clean up the house so that now they have a clean place to live. Gianluca was hopeful that the cleanliness and noise has scared the rats away! =)

Please continue to pray for the team. Last week they spent a lot of time with the local youth and this week they will have more time together as a team. Please pray that God will bless their interaction and that they can have important moments of learning and prayer together as a team. Pray for the team to live peacefully in the conditions they are in. There are no showers, bathrooms and at least until yesterday they had seen rats in the house. Pray that they will be able to accomplish a lot in order to bless their missionary contact and his ministry in Estonia.

Estonia Day 4-7

The work is moving along- each day they spend a full day working hard at the farm. The team is keeping busy working at the farm every day and have had several opportunities to interact with the Estonian youth in the evenings. They have enjoyed serving and blessing the local missionary contact through the work they are doing. They have been blessed in this first week to stay in a church there. Next week they will be living at the farm where they are working- together with the rats! =)

“And on the seventh day HE rested” =)

Saturday the team had an opportunity together with the missionary and some other believers to have a break. They spent the day at the lake. It was a much needed moment of refreshment. Sunday they attended a church service there at one of the local churches. It was a great experience, even though everything was in Estonian.

God is blessing the team with strength and positive attitudes and through this they are a witness to those whom they are serving. Please continue to pray for the team, especially as they head out to the farm to live.

Estonia: Day 2-3

The missionary contact in Estonia owns a farm (in a forest) that he wants to restore in order to use it as a center for his ministry. So the Mission i6:8 team is hard at work every day at this farm. Yesterday evening they went to a youth church service. They were able to meet the young people of the place and worship together with them. Tonight, after another long day of work, they will be heading into town to play a scavenger hunt with the local youth. Each i6:8 member is partnered with an Estonian youth to conquer this new adventure.

Please continue to pray for the work they are doing there, for protection, for team unity, for health, and for hearts & lives to be changed. There is also a small group here that is meeting in church every evening to pray for the team and the trip.

Estonia 2009- Day 1

The Mission i6:8 team left for Estonia Monday morning from Bari. There were 10 members already present and two others were joining them in Rome. They arrived late last night (around 11pm) to their destination in Estonia.

This morning Gianluca was able to find a wifi connection, in the middle of the forest, to give me an update. The trip went smoothly, they connected with the missionary last night, are already at work this morning and everyone is doing well.

Keep Praying!