Family Meeting

Friday June 26th is the Modugno church’s “family meeting”. This time Gianluca will be sharing about the vision for the center and introducing the team he has been forming. Please pray that God will get the church excited about participating in this great place that He has given it for this time.

Baptism Service

Sunday the Modugno church will be having a baptism service. Please keep it in your prayers- for the people who have made the decision to be baptised (it is not an easy decision-they often face ridicule and rejection from family and relatives). Please also pray for the new people who will be there. These services are a great opportunity for sharing about God with those who really need Him.

Work Day at il Rifugio

There will be a work day at the center today!

Gianluca was asked to organize a team of individuals who can work toward organizing the various aspects of the center (administration, booking, welcoming/hosting, cleaning, cooking and maintenance) several months ago. He has been working to organize and form a solid team, dedicated to the center. Today there will be an official work day at the center for all the members of the Modugno church who would like to participate- we are getting ready for high season! We are excited to see how God will continue to use this place for His glory.


We were blessed to welcome 2 little ones into the church family this month- both born to couples who participated in our premarital and newlyweds classes…what fun!

Sunday the 7th of June was the last day to sign up for Estonia trip. There are 15 people going. We are excited about the level of interest. Please be praying as many of the people who are interested in going are struggling to come up with the funds necessary to go. Pray also for the preparation of hearts, and for the organization of everything (this is our first time in Estonia so say an extra prayer that things will go smoothly).

We started our summer round of premarital courses. We will be doing an excellerated version in english for one couple, and another “normal” version for a second couple. We are excited that there is a third couple attending the course this summer who are considering beginning to work with us in the couples ministry. We could really use the support and are excited to see how God demonstrates his will to us and to them.

My (Carli’s) parents arrive Wednesday- the kids are thrilled (and so is mom!). It will be nice to have some help and support for a month.