Friday April 24- Sunday April 25

This weekend there was a men’s retreat at the center. 16 men participated in the reatreat, which went very well. Gianluca spent all day Saturday helping at the retreat- he taught a few of the sessions and helped lead a time of prayer and confession. The work among the men here has taken great dedication on the part of the leaders and is slowly beginning to grow. We are excited to see a few young men beginning to participate and are hopeful that God will continue to renew and refresh this ministry.

This weekend a group from the church also went to a Open Doors conference in central Italy- the Modugno pastor and his wife were 2 of the participants. The theme was on forgiveness and from the testimonies that were shared seems to have been a very powerful and moving event. Open Doors is a great ministry and we are excited that a few young people from the church decided to attend this event to learn more. Visit to learn more!

A little family time

We were so blessed to have Gianluca’s brother and his family here for two weeks during and after the Easter festivities. They were a great distraction for (and help with) the kids while Gianluca was gone, and it was wonderful to spend some time with them once Gianluca got home as well. The kids had a blast with their cousins- Elaigia found his best buddy in Joshua. Family is such a blessing, and although ours is mostly far away we are thankful for each member in our family, for the love and support they show us, and for the precious moments we have with each of them.

Gianluca arrived safely with the group of young people to Brema Germany on Wednesday. He called Thursday afternoon to say that the conference is going very well. Please keep praying with us that God will do great things in the hearts of everyone who is attending and especially in the group that has gone together with Gianluca.

Pray for the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo

Thank you to everyone who contacted us or our parents to make certain that we were okay after the recent earthquake. We are not near the epicenter and did not feel it, nor recieve any damage here. Please pray with us for the victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo. There were over 250 deaths in this tragedy. We recieved news that there was also a small assemblies of God church that was destroyed during the earthquake and that one of the families lost a child. It is a true loss for so many. Thank you for your prayers.

Mission-net is coming up next week! Gianluca and a group of nearly 20 young people will be heading to the conference next tuesday through Sunday. It is a European missions conference and will be hosted over 5 days. We are excited about what God will do in the lives of the young people who will be attending. There is a solid program this year and we know that God will do great things!