In like a Lion, Out like a Lion

So the saying for March goes, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. I don’t know about in the US, but here it is still freezing, raining and just not at all “lamb-like”!

It has been a busy month.

We are working hard to make up lost time with the many couples we are serving through our ministry here. We are trying to meet both with the couples from last years Newlyweds course for a “check-up” (two of which are expecting), and with the couples of this years newlyweds course as well. Gianluca and I have both also had the privledge to meet one-on-one with a few of the individuals (Gianluca with the husbands and myself with the wife). To of the couples in our newlyweds class are also expecting (we will have to do a new parents class soon! =) We also had the priveledge to host alumni (and our very great friends) of our very first premarital course for dinner on Sunday 😉 .

Gianluca preached at the beginning of the month, is teaching at the church’s discipleship school this week, has a meeting for the upcoming Mission i6:8 sponsored trip to Mission-net next week (the European Missions Conference held in April), as well as working on several decisions and organizational factors for the center that the church owns (in part) and is now running (on its own) and other items for the church leadership team all month. Last Saturday there was a youth meeting with the presence of 10 churches represented- this is a huge feet! We are so greatful that Lord continues to try and unify the body of Christ here in Italy. When we are united as the body, we are able to accomplish so much more. Gianluca has also been talking with a few of his contacts to try and make decisions about the upcoming Mission i6:8 trips later this year.

Life at home is hectic, as always, but filled with many blessings. Our Aurora turned 3 this month and we had 2 parties to celebrate- one with the family and one with 2 of her little friends. Carli is trying to keep everything on her plate balanced between husband, kids, home, and ministry. With 3 to keep after now this is even more of a challenge!

God is so gracious to us, and we are thankful for our Lamb. The lamb whose sacrifice we celebrate next month. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve him here, for how he is guiding and blessing our ministry and for the amazingly spectacular family that he has given us.

Start it off with a bang!

March is here already. This year seems to be zooming by.

Gianluca was busy last month getting things ready for Mission-net. There are currently 16 young people who will be going from here to attend the event with new applications still coming in! We are very excited to see what God will do through this special event.

Thursday we had our first newlyweds meeting. It was a fun one! We appreciate your continued prayers for the work we are trying to do with these precious couples.

Friday was the church’s second family meeting. This one was on the finances. These meetings are going well and we are excited to see how God will use them to unify the church more.

Sunday we had a baptismal service at both church services. Three young people were baptized both at the morning service and the evening service for a total of 6 baptisms this Sunday. The baptismal services are always a great evangelistic tool and there were several new people, relatives and friends at each service- One person also accepted the Lord during the service.

As far as family goes…Ej is really enjoying preschool now (Rory really wants to go too). We will be celebrating Rory’s 3rd birthday this month and just celebrated Chloe’s 3 month birthday this Sunday! Our family is slowly getting healthy. Rory and EJ are back in shape and Gianluca and I are recuperating a little more slowly. Unfortunately Chloe got it in the end and is pretty miserable. We are thankful for our little bunch, even when they keep us crazy busy!

We are looking forward to a full spring. Full of God’s blessings, events, and joy!