Dedicated to the Lord

We dedicated Chloe to the Lord last night at the church service. It was a special moment and we wanted to share a photo with you all and ask that you would remember to keep our family and our children in your prayers. They are a huge part of our ministry here and if things do not go well in our family, we cannot minister effectively outside of our home.

We pray that she will commit her life to him and serve him with all her heart.

Home again

It was once said that missionaries are happiest when in the air. . .

We are back to our Italy home now and trying to adjust and get back into the swing of things. The first few days were rough with Chloe sleeping little and all of us feeling pretty jet-lagged during the day. Elaigia and Aurora seem to have forgotten their Italian and while EJ is making efforts to pick it back up again, Aurora is working up the courage a little more slowly. I went into culture shock when we walked into our house from the airport and my father-in-law said (after having left the heat on for 2 hours before our arrival), “The house is not too bad. It’s pretty warm, isn’t it?”. . . but everyone is slowly getting into the swing of things.

Gianluca was back at work on Monday and loving being back in the office. He has been going to bed at 8 pm, which for anyone who knows Gianluca is a pretty big miracle! He even fell asleep at the end of his staff meeting wednesday night because they start the meeting at 7:30 and were keeping him up past 9 pm =) ! Things are pretty busy for him already and he is both trying to ease back into things to help with transition at home and not get to far behind at work!

It has been great to have my mom here with us. I know I will go into shock when she leaves and I have to do the laundry by myself and put the kids to bed by myself and get kids to and from school and nursed and fed- aaaahhhh! =) She is heading back on Wednesday and we are already looking forward to her return with my Dad in June.

Next week begins my (Carli’s) first “normal” week- we will be starting back up with the newlyweds course, EJ will be going back to preschool and Gianluca will be back to his “fulltime” schedule and evening meetings every night.

True Love

This month the youth group is hosting the second annual “True Love” conference. This year they decided to run a month long program so that each Saturday youth meeting this month was concentrated on a different message having to do with Love (God’s love, Loving others, etc).

The final weekend will be an actual conference with several sessions to participate in. They invited Gianluca and I to return as speakers this year. I have opted out with Chloe still nursing so regularly and having just gotten home from the USA, but Gianluca has signed up to be a speaker.

We appreciate your prayers for these events. Please pray that God will challenge manny young people. Pray that they could understand what True Love is and be willing to wait for the love that God has for them. Please also pray that many young people will grasp God’s love for them and give their hearts to the One who truly loves them.