Getting ready to go….

…Things are winding down on our time here in the States. We are rushing through this last week, trying to get everything done before we head out next week. Gianluca has his last meeting the evening before we leave!

We are thankful for our time here. It has been very busy, but we have had so many precious moments as a family and with our greater family. We are thankful for the healthy birth of our baby girl. We are hopeful that the start of this new year will bring new joy, and new rejoicing as we see God fulfill His promises for His provision and for the ministry.

We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers, support, and love. Please keep us in your prayers for God’s provision, for our travels, for a smooth adjustment back to life and routine in Italy, for adjustment to time change, for good health for all of us as we travel and when we return, for the kids to be angels on the plane, for the grace to say goodbye, and for God’s continued blessing on our family and ministry in Italy.

i6:8 trip to Kenya

The Mission i6:8 trip to Kenya was blessed by the Lord. We praise the Lord that the team was able to bless those they went to serve and that God touched the lives of the 6 members of the team who went as missionaries. We are thankful for how God continues to grow and use i6:8. And for the team of amazing leaders that God has brought alongside Gianluca. Two of these leaders led the team to Kenya and did an excellent job. God is good!

January’s Jumpin!

We just wanted to write a quick note to those who are faithfully praying for us to share a little news. Things have been busy since our arrival here in the US in November- Thanksgiving, Sinterklaas Day, Chloe’s Birth, SNOW, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve alone have filled our schedule with friends, family, and fun.

We have had the opportunity to visit with different churches, pastors, supporters, friends, and family. It has been a blessing to see so many wonderful people who have been such faithful supporters and amazing friends. It has been crazy trying to keep up with it all, but it has been good. We always laugh at ourselves because we come to the US with all these plans of work we will get done while we are here for the ministry in Italy, but we find ourselves so busy with the work there is to do here that we never get as much done as we would like. Gianluca has, however, been getting caught up on his reading and trying to get some work done on rewriting all the church’s classes. He has also been able to continue to have his weekly leadership meeting with the church staff through Skype.

This next month will be a crazy one. Because of all the holidays and snow we will be trying to squeeze in a ton of meetings, presentations, travel, visits, get-togethers, etc all in this last month. Please pray for us. Pray for the ability to balance it all, to get everything done that we need to, for opportunities to rest, be refreshed and renewed before returning, for precious moments together as a couple and a family before we head back, and for joyful moments with friends and family before we have to say goodbye again. There is so much to do and so little time and we want to make the most of every moment that we have.

Please also begin to pray for our return. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things after being away for 3 months. Please pray for a smooth reentry for all of us. Please pray particularly for the kids to adjust to jetlag, the old routine and language quickly and smoothly. Please pray for health for all of us- particularly Chloe. The doctor’s think that part of the reason Aurora has chronic bronchitis is because she got it for the first time when she was so young (at 2 months- from traveling on the airplane back to Italy). It is already a hard transition back, but is made much more difficult when we are all unhealthy.

Lastly, we would ask your continued prayer for God’s provision. We trust that if He desires us to serve him on the mission field as His servants, that He will provide for our financial (and other) needs. We feel like He has called, and not released us from this calling, us to Italy and so we are waiting on Him. Pray for us for perseverance because we have not seen any doors open yet to provide more monthly support for the ministry.

Thank you for your love and prayers! Happy New Years!!!