Fall Program

We have a lot coming up this Fall:

  • We will be beginning the new and updated version of the newlywed course at the end of September.
  • We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary of our service here in Italy this September.
  • “Upsidedown”, the church’s youth group, will begin its new fall season Saturday September 20.
  • The Women’s Ministry at the church will begin its new fall discipleship program mid September.
  • EJ will be celebrating his 4th birthday (Oct) and starting his second year of preschool (Sept) and Gianluca will be celebrating his 31st birthday (Oct)!
  • Mission i6:8 programming will be restarting, including preparation for the upcoming trip this December 2008.
  • Preparations will be beginning for the First of November national youth event. The event itself (which hosted over 600 youth last year) will be hosted at the center il Rifugio on November first.
  • Gianluca, Carli, and the kids will be leaving for the USA on November 2 in order to present our ministry to churches, people and organizations who might be interested in becoming involved in what God is doing here and around the world through Mission i6:8 and for the birth of our third child.
  • Carli is due December 15, 2008.

We will of course be continuing our normal routine as well…Gianluca preaching, normal office schedule, counseling appointments, etc. We look forward to a full and rewarding Fall and especially to seeing what God has in store for the ministry here and for our family.

Hot, hot, hot!

It has been a hot summer! Yesterday for the Italian holiday ferragosto it was 106 degrees. The heat is a bit energy sapping (especially when you are 6 months pregnant), but we are pressing on, trying to accomplish the task set before us.

We have had the joy to spend some time with Gianluca’s brother Gionathan and his family these last few weeks. The kids have loved playing with their cousins and will miss them very much (they returned home to Switzerland tonite). And Carli and the kids are taking advantage of our intex inflatable pool in the backyard almost every day now! The kids love to see Mommy’s tummy growing and are asking regularly now when the baby is coming out.

The summer, due to a lull in activities in the church, is always our best opportunity to prepare all our material for the upcoming year (the “new church year” usually kicks off mid-September). So in spite of having less meetings, we find ourselves busy getting ready for the meetings that will be beginning all too soon! Gianluca has been self-studying- He is working on learning Hebrew currently. Carli is working hard to prepare the newlywed course for this fall (we will begin the end of September). We decided to completely revamp the format and text we used last year and are looking forward to beginning the new course in September. Gianluca has been preaching, leading the services, working in his office, studying, and trying to spend some time with the Lord seeking refreshment- if only we could get refreshment from the heat too =)!

As we prepare for the tasks that lie ahead of us this fall, we are trying to enjoy the sunshine- Carli is looking forward to the fall and the cool air and even the rain =)!

We didn’t forget you!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to our loved ones. We just wanted to include a quick note in our blog to say Happy Birthday to Zio Gionathan, Rylee and Auntie Alysa.

We love you guys and hope your day is special! Hugs to all of you…from all of us!