Mission i6:8 sends team 2

The second mission i6:8 team left late last night from Bari to begin their long journey to Northern Africa. Please be praying for the team’s safety in travels, for their ministry while on the field, for the people they will meet and interact with, and most of all that God will change their lives and deepen their calling into His service! They will be serving the comunity there through working on internet and web design as well as through various other service activities. They will be in Northern Africa for two full weeks.

Thanks to you…

We had the priviledge these last six weeks to host our dear friends Nathan and Kareen Moser, and their son Chase. . .We just want to thank them for everything. Nathan came for a six week stay in order to fulfill a requirement towards his MA degree, bringing along his very pregnant wife and his little boy. They were such a blessing to us in so many ways. Nathan was able to attend church services, men’s meetings, youth services, and to meet two days a week to help Gianluca rewrite the church membership classes, and two days a week to help out at the center. He was also a blessing to us here through his preaching- once at the men’s meeting and at both services on Sunday. Kareen was a testimony of a loving mother and has NO idea what a blessing she was to Carli. It was so so so wonderful to havve a good friend to talk with over these last several weeks. I am so thankful to you Kareen for every moment we had together. You are an amazing person. We love you both and thank you for your example of a solid marriage, of true servants, of loving parents and of people who truly love the Lord. Thanks for everything!

God is good…

This last weekend we were able to see the comings and goings, as we worked at the center, of a women’s retreat hosted by the Modugno church. God is very good and did great things during and through the retreat and those who served there.

We were also able to participate in an amazing baptism service Sunday morning. Three people were baptized. One teenage boy, and two ladies. One of the women had just attended the retreat and was so filled with passion for what she had learned and for the Lord. Each person who was baptized shared their testimony and Gionathan’s, the teenage boy, testimony was particularly challenging. At the end of the service ten people accepted the Lord during an alter call!

God is so good and is doing good things. Please keep praticipating through your prayers!

Good things come in small packages.

A huge thank you to the American group who came to help hout this last week. We were able to get several things done around the center that the churches own- namely, an outdoor snackbar that was built to use this summer during the camp season. It was a very small team this time around- to which we added our growing family and our friends Nathan and Kareen- but good things come in small packages. We thank them for their service at the center, to us as a family and for their great attitudes and servants hearts. Thanks you guys!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy! We all love you very much. You are a great Daddy and we are so thankful for you!

Hugs and Kisses,

EJ, Rory and Baby

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy as well! I love you Dad! You are the best Dad in the world and I am so excited to be able to spend Father’s Day with you!

Hugs, Carbi-doll

Preparing for Marriage

We held our second premarital couples retreat this last Saturday. It is a one day intensive retreat that we provide at the end of every premarital course. We had four couples this year in our premarital course, and all them were able to attend the retreat. We had a lot of fun and dealt with a lot of issues that are important for starting a marriage right and for building a firm foundation for their new life together and future family. We praise the Lord for what he has done in each couple throughout the course of our time together with them and look forward to celebrating their new life together on their wedding days. We conclude this round of premarital courses on Thursday, with the final session (on intimacy). We are also thankful to each couple who participated- for the effort they put in to each class, each homework assignment and each moment of the retreat. We are prayerful that God will give them the grace toward and love for one another in order to be the metafor of Christ’s love for the church! Congratulations you guys- Auguri!

Roman Holiday

We were able to break away from our busy schedule this last month and take our Nathan and Kareen (our dear friends who are visiting/interning herefor 6 weeks) to see Rome! Neither had ever visited Rome before and so we thought it would be great to give them that chance before they headed back home in two weeks. What an adventure!

We drove with two pregnant women and three young children 5 hours to Rome on Sunday and stayed three nights. It was really hot during our stay there, which made site seeing even more of an adventure. But we did get to take our friends to see St. Peter’s, the Roman Forum, the coloseum, the mamertinum prison, Castel Gandolfo, and a few other things here and there.

We came back pretty wiped out, but truly enjoyed our time together as a family and with friends. Elaigia loved the “giants”. In Rome they have men dressed like Roman soldiers that you can take pictures with. To EJ they were like Goliath, and he was fascinated. Aurora, on the other hand, really enjoyed playing with Chase (our friends son)- she always has lots of kisses and hugs ready for him!