Mission i6:8 Retreat

Friday May 16th through Sunday May 18th Mission i6:8 held its preparation and training retreat for this summer’s short term trips. This was the second retreat we have held for Mission i6:8, and were pleased with the results and with the participation of the group members!

A little overview…Friday everyone got settled (the group slept on the floor of our large auditorium at the center in Ruvo), listened to the program for the weekend, ate dinner together. Saturday the members were surprised by a 5:00am wake-up call! They had to get up, get dressed, wash their face and pray in 10 minutes or they had to pay the consequences. After allowing the sleepy and shocked team members a little more sleep, the real wake up call then followed at 8:30am. The team spent the day following preparation lessons, playing team building games, eating together, and participating in a service project together. Sunday, after breakfast, the team divided into groups based on who was going to Albania and who to Northern Africa, to spend their last morning session together. The weekend closed with prayer for the upcoming trips.

We look forward to seeing what God will do through these teams and in each team members life. Please be praying for these trips. One will be a team who will be heading to Albania and the other to Northern Africa. Both teams will be traveling in June. We pray that they may be a blessing and a testimony wherever they go and that God will truly challenge each of them into a deeper walk with him and call some of them into his full-time service.

In Expectation…

We are in expectation for a busy month ahead. We will have the blessing to host Nathan and Kareen Moser and their son for 6 weeks beginning May 7th (they will be here due to Nathan’s studies for his MA at a seminary in Boston). We will also be welcoming our dear Lloyd and Maryanne- our first visit from CCF of Edmonds. We will also look forward to connecting with some folks from Northwest Community Church of Bothell. Gianluca will be running the Mission i6:8 preparation and training retreat this May 16-18th. This retreat is to help prepare the team members for the upcoming short term trips this June. Please keep it in your prayers! We will also be running a one-day retreat for our premarital class all day Saturday May 24th.

We are also expecting our third baby! We are thrilled about this new addition to our family. The baby’s arrival date is December 16th. Please be praying for Mommy and baby’s health and protection during the pregnancy (Carli has never had easy pregnancies, often spending time on bedrest). Elaigia is so excited and alBaby Number Three!ready planning all the things he will do with the baby- feed the baby its bottle, hold the baby, sing the baby songs, etc. Children our a blessing from the Lord and we are thankful for the family God has given us!

Teaching and Preaching

Serving the couples ministry togetherWe have had a busy several weeks this last month- keeping up with appointments with the young couples in the couples ministry at the church (both premarital and newlyweds), the couples ministry classes every week, Mission i6:8 meetings in preparation for the upcoming trips, and leadership meetings (for the church leadership team). We are so happy to be busy for his Kingdom and each appointment and meeting we have, we seek to approach humbly, with prayer, and a desire to see His will be done in our own lives and in the lives of those whom we serve.

Gianluca has been serving the church at the Sunday services. Gianluca preached on Sunday the 4th- it was a truly challenging message based on Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-4:6. He is on the regular schedule to lead the offering time, or to conduct the service or to preach. He also leads communion and plays for worship periodically as well. Carli, on the other hand, has been volunteering this year on Sunday morningsGianluca Preaching to help in the nursery (once every 6 weeks). Gianluca was also able to help run the games and activities at a men’s event this last thursday May 1st (a holiday in Italy). The day went well and we are excited to see how God continues to help the men’s ministry here grow.

It is a blessing to see a church body so dedicated to growth and a honor to be someone that God uses to bring about that growth. We pray that very prayer in Ephesians for all those whom we serve.