Mission i6:8 in Europe

We are so excited that Mission i6:8 has been invited to participate in the upcoming Missions Fest 2009. It is a conference event held in Europe for young people. The purpose is to involve youth in the world of missions and all the missions agencies throughout Europe gather together to present their ministries, preach, teach and challenge young people to go out into the world as missionaries. Please pray for us as we prepare for this extraordinary opportunity. Please pray in particular for Vito and Gianluca who will be attending a meeting in Rome for all the national Italian missions agencies. These agencies will be discussing and organizing themselves for the upcoming event. It is a great opportunity to share what God is doing through Mission i6:8 here in Italy and around the world.

I6:8 A new season starts!

locandina1.jpgYes, i know this is a miracle, I (gianluca) am finally adding a post! Wow!!!Well the post is well worth it! We are starting our new i6:8 trip season. This year our wish is to move from three to four missionary trips. We would like to involve more than 40 young people to Gods call to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Please pray that God Himself will do the calling to participation to the young people He wants to involve. Pray for all preparation and planning, and if you can come along.

Well i know i was brief, but it is my first time, perhaps next time will be longer. Greetings to you all and blessings from our good Father.