Aurora Zoe Ronchi is TWO!

rory bday

This month we also had the privilege to celebrate our daughter’s second birthday! She is a true miracle- God protected her throughout a difficult pregnancy and promised Carli that the life (Zoe) he had given her, he would not take away. She has continued to be filled with life and to bring joy to our family! Happy birthday Rory- we love you princess!

Couples Ministry

We continue our work with the couples at the Modugno church- writing and running the couples ministry. This is our 7 month of classes with the “Sposini”, our newlyweds. We have a class once a month with the whole group and we have individual meetings with each couple once a month as well- a kind of a check-up to see how things are going, to pray with them and to provide support during this fantastic year of tremendous changes!

bride and groomWe began our third round of premarital courses this month. The premarital course is always a lot of fun! We have a larger group this time around, 4 couples, who will all be getting married this summer or early this fall. We are excited about this new group and the adventure that they are beginning together. We are working hard to continue to develop and improve this ministry. We are hopeful to continue to broaden its reach in order to minister to young people in dating relationships, engaged couples, married couples of all ages, and families.

A Shockwave of Prayer

thumbs_dsc06000.jpg Shockwave: Annual Prayer EventThis February-March we were able to hold the second annual Shockwave prayer event. The event is put on worldwide by Open Doors, and Mission i6:8 hosted it locally. It is a weekend for young people, dedicated to prayer and fasting for the persecuted church. We are proud, as Mission i6:8, to participate in this worthy event and to support our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who suffer for the gospel.

We hope, as always, that these events will stimulate young people to be more involved in the world of missions. This is the first year, for example, we were able to host it in multiple locations during the weekend- in Modugno, Trani and Foggia- and we were excited to be able to involve more churches and more youth. It is a privilege to be able to see the passion that they are developing for the lost around the world and to help them dedicate their lives to serving the Lord in this way.