True Love First Annual Conference


This weekend we were able to host the first annual True Love conference. We are so excited that God has allowed for this event to happen and we hope that it stimulates growth and change in the young people who attended.

The themes were on: Singlehood, Courtship, The Right Person (choosing and becoming the right person), Sexuality, The Sexual Sins, and True Love. There was time provided for questions and for people to come for counseling and prayer as well.

Gianluca and I undertook this event as a branch of our couples ministry- the area we call, “Before the Ring” (ministry for pre-engagement). We were joined by the Modugno youth leader, Sara, and her husband. God was faithful in spite of several untimely obstacles such as snow and sickness (Gianluca and I), and in the end reminded us through the snow of how He is capable to make each of us white as snow again!

The Lord challenged to be thankful for the gifts that every season of life holds and to reach the point where we can pray sincerely, “Not my will but yours be done.” This was a challenge not only to the youth that attended but a personal challenge as well.

We are thankful for how God blessed this conference, and for everything he did in the lives of the young people there. Please be praying that God will help them hold tight to the decisions they made. We look forward to the next time around as well- hoping we will be a bit more rested and healthy when the opportunity comes again!

Siamo Arrivati!- Back in Italy

After a very long and adventurous journey in airplane, we are home again.

Personal: It is always good to be in your house again and the kids were running around grabbing all their things and showing me. “Remember this mom?”, Elaigia kept asking. EJ is adjusting to the language and having a hard time remembering how to speak in Italian right now…but we are certain it will come back to him quickly. We are all slowly adjusting to the time change, maybe a little more slowly because the kids are not sleeping at night (last night EJ fell asleep at 4:30am)!

Ministry: We are off to a running start…tomorrow night we will begin the True Love conference. The conference affronts the arguments of sexuality, sexual purity, and dating. We are working hard to get everything done for the conference. Pray for us. Pray for the conference as well! Pray for the youth who will attend it. These are difficult topics and we want to stimulate change in their young lives! Pray for God to move in their hearts and challenge them to make bold decisions for him. We know that this conference is needed and important and we are excited to be doing it for the first time. God will do great things! He always does!

2_370_hmohy0iuzr.jpgA special thanks to everyone who showed us so much love and hospitality during our homestay this last month! We had a great time visiting so many churches, pastors, family and friends. We are sorry not to have had more time and sorry for all the churches, pastors and friends that we did not have the time to visit! We praise the Lord for all we were able to do and accomplish, for the fun and the rest and for the great time with our family there!!! Keep praying that God will open the doors for our financial needs to be met- we are still at only 30% of our needed budget. It was great to see you all!