Home Sweet Home


After a very long journey, we made it safely to Seattle on November 8th. The kids did pretty well and Aurora even slept 4 hours on the last flight (EJ 2.5 hours). We were very happy to be on solid ground again and to get some much needed sleep (although not much the first few nights, seeing as though the kids were waking up regularly starting at 2am!!!). We are enjoying our time here…getting in some quality time with family, enjoying meetings with pastors and visits to churches, getting our family photos done, visiting with relatives, shopping, and a good almond mocha(Gianluca)/peppermint mocha(Carli) too! We would appreciate your continued prayers during our time here. There is always so much to do and too little time. Although we are confident that God will provide, we also feel the weight of needing to raise the remainder of our monthly support. So please pray for rest, for good family time, great time with relatives and friends, for all the remainder of our needed monthly support to come in, for lots of fun, for quality visits with churches and pastors, and for strength to live each moment with joy and peace- focusing on the present and not the goodbyes to come. This verse has been challenging me personally over this last week, and is the motto of our life and ministry: “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor for the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Corinthians 15:58. May we serve the Lord with all our strength for as long as he allows us the honor to do so.

Tying up loose ends…

Thursday November 1st, il Rifugio, the center at which we lived and worked our first 3.5 years in Italy, hosted the GENS National youth conference.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in prayer and fasting for our family and for this event.

pict0127.jpgThe event was a huge success in every sense of the word. There were around 700 young people from all over Italy who attended the event. The morning started out with a bang! After a few songs of worship Gianluca began his sermon. He preached on “Generazione” (generation), using the verse in 1 Peter that says we are a chosen generation. After his sermon several people (around 7) came forward to accept the Lord and almost the whole auditorium stood up to pray that the Lord would help them put their lives into action. What a way to start the day!!! The rest of the day went very well as well. Our dear Sara, the co youth leader of the Modugno church together with Mirko Ronchi, led the second session and the last session was an invitation to all the participating pastors to share a word to the body there. There was lots of fun in between, as one of the goals of GENS is to stimulate unity among the Italian churches- a very difficult task!

We are now rushing to get ready to go. We had our last couples meeting before our departure Friday the 2nd, Sunday we will say a few words about our departure to the church and finish up filming our presentation video, then after the last minute meetings, appointments and packing, we will head out on Thursday morning at 6am!

Please continue to pray, and fast, for us personally. I listed our specific requests in the last update if you would like to return there for greater detail, but in brief they are: 1- For our travels, 2-For our health, 3- For our fundraising, 4- For rest during our time there, 5-For emotional strength in goodbyes. Please don’t forget us during this time…our ministry continues even though we will be in the US instead of in Italy.

We have several things coming up upon our return as well (purity conference, couples meeting, premartial will begin, i6:8 Christmas benefit concert, possible i6:8 trip in Jan, preaching, etc) so please keep us in your prayers as we will have to come back swinging!