Join us for Prayer and Fasting!


Prayer and Fasting for the ministry:

This November 1st is the “GENS” national youth conference. For anyone who would like to we ask that you join us in praying and fasting for this event! The event is this thursday (but remember that Italy is 9 hours ahead of time so the event will be starting here, when it is around 1 in the morning between the 31st and 1st there!) and will be held at “Il Rifugio” in Ruvo di Puglia.

There are two speakers this year, and Gianluca is one of them. Please pray for both speakers to have peace, grace, and God’s words to share with and challenge the young people who are coming. Pray for them as they prepare their messages in these next few days, for the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Pray for all the other leadership who are busy preparing every other aspect of this phenomenal event. There is a lot to organize…food to sell, gadgets to sell, who to sell them, music and worship, sound, lights, video, technology/computer, etc, etc, etc!!! They are expecting up to 1000 youth to attend this year. Pray for safety in travels for all the people who will attend. Pray for good weather as the auditorium will be crowded (causing people to want to be outside now and again) and the entrance to the lower level is from the outside. Pray for salvation of those who do not know the Lord. Pray for radical changes in the lives of those who know the Lord, yet need a challenge to live their lives more fully for his glory. Pray, pray, pray! It is a huge opportunity for the kingdom of God here in Italy.

It is also an opportunity for Mission i6:8. Please pray for people to feel a calling to be involved in Mission i6:8/world missions. Pray for Gianluca to have the chance to share with many people about what God is doing through i6:8 around the world. Pray that God will call his young people to be missionaries.

Prayer and Fasting for the Family:

Please also be praying for our family. Please pray for our upcoming travels (Nov 8 and again on Dec 10). Pray that God will give us good health for our travels and during our stay in the USA. Please pray for safety in travels, smoothness in connecting flights, calm and peace in the kids, patience and grace in us, and the ability for all of us to get a little sleep.

Please pray for our homestay. Pray that God would guide us as we seek to recover the support we recently lost through the closure of Harbor church. Pray that he would provide miraculously for our every need above and beyond what we had expected or dreamed. Pray that he would provide us with the right contacts and open the doors for us.

Please also pray for refreshing for our family. Pray that we could have some much needed downtime, and family time. That we could enjoy our time with extended family as well. Please keep us uplifted in your prayers over these next several weeks.

Fall Update

October 1- 16, 2007

Things continue to zoom along here and our days seem to be so full that we have to work hard to create down time, family time or time as a couple.

Yet, we were able to enjoy our son’s 3rd birthday. We celebrated with a few friends on Saturday the 6th, he had a little party in Sunday school on the /th (his actual birthday) and we went just our little family to the zoo for the day on Monday the 8th. We are also looking forward to celebrating Gianluca’s 30th birthday next week!

The Purity Conference, “True Love”, has been postponed until December. Although this is due to the fact that it is truly busy time  of year for the youth group with the National youth conference “Primo Novembre” on November 1st, it has been a blessing in disguise for us as well- giving us some much needed time to finish preparing! However, one less…one more. Gianluca has been asked to preach this year at the GENS national youth conference. He is also helping out a lot this year with the preparations. So….he is keeping pretty busy still!

Mission i6:8 is going very well. Gianluca has followed the trips up with a few studies on Missions. The young people have been recieving the studies well and been able to better process their missions experiences. They meet once a week for class/meeting. Gianluca is already working toward the next trips as well, one of which may be this winter, but another possible 3 coming around this next summer (location to be specified). He has also had the opportunity to meet with several of the members individually following the trips in order to challenge them personally, reflect on the experience and discuss future plans. The team headed out to Foggia last Sunday evening to share about their missions experiences in Albania and North Africa. They shared with 3 different churches who gathered together for the occasion. It went well.

Church is keeping us VERY busy. There is always so much going on and so much more to do! Gianluca is helping out with the project for the new building and we continue to work with all the various aspects of the couples ministry. Gianluca has also been asked to review all the classes of the church in order to strengthen and deepen each study theologically. It has been a job that he has enjoyed but that takes a lot of time and studies. Gianluca was also able to preach last week. He truly blessed the church with a heartfelt message.

The days are flying by until we will be “home” for a short visit. We are really looking forward to visiting with churches, friends, supporters and of course our family! We are truly looking forward to it and really hoping for some “downtime”. Please pray with us that God will miraculously provide the support that we lost through the closure of Harbor church. Pray for this upcoming event in all its various aspects. We really need them…for travels, for safety, for calm for the kids, for smooth connections, for raising support, for downtime, for visiting all the churches and people we need to, for precious time with family, for protection in our emotions, etc, etc. Thank you for remembering us!

Busy, time flies!

September 15-October 5, 2007

We have flying through a hectic fall!

Gianluca arrived Sunday morning from North Africa and was busy with meetings already on Monday and tuesday evenings. Upon Gianluca’s return we all also came down with colds (and Carli eventually with bronchitis). Yet, after one day off for being sick Gianluca was back to work…preparing for the Mission i6:8 church presentation the Sunday after his return.

We have also been busy getting ready for two upcoming conferences. One is on the 19-20 of October and is a conference on purity and dating. It is called “True Love” and will be held for the local churches in our area. Gianluca and I have set out the program (together with the youth director) and will be teaching several of the sessions! Please pray for us!!! And pray especially for the youth who will be attending to make a fresh committment to purity in their lives! Gianluca has been helping to get ready for the national youth conference on the first of November as well. The theme this year is “Azione”(Action).

Gianluca will be preaching this Sunday the 7th, which is also the 3rd birthday of our son EJ. We will celebrate his birthday on Saturday at home with a family and our closest friends, Sunday he will celebrate in Sunday school with his friends, and Monday we are taking him as a family to the zoo! So he will be filled to the brim with festivities.

We also recently began our “Sposini” (Newlywed) classes. We are excited about this new adventure and how God will help us both to develop it and to encourage these young couples.

We are also nearing our departure for the states- November 8. Please, please pray for us for this!!! Pray for safety in travels; that travel goes smoothly/connections are made, etc; pray for the kids for peace and us for patience; pray for our time there as well- that God will grant us good health while we are there (no health insurance); that we will be able to make good connections and have quality time with our supporters; and that we will be able to raise the support that is now lacking due to the closure of Harbor Church. Pray also for special time as a family, with our extended family (and friends) and hopefully for a little down time…which we could really use! Don’t forget us in your prayers over these next few months and we will look forward to seeing many of you upon our return.