UPDATED Mission i6:8 Fall trips

Mission i6:8 Fall trip North Africa- Testimony

The trip to Morroco was a success and blessing in many ways. The team who went was able to encourage the locals with their presence and pratical help. They worked really hard the whole time on various projects- helping to adjust a damaged house, an association, eletrical work and in a school administration building.

Each member brought unique gifts to the team (their was an electrician and a set constructor [who knew a lot about painting!]). The team was able to remain united and work together to serve the locals and to accomplish the tasks before them. They felt individually challenged in different ways at the end of trip and we are excited to see what God will continue to do in their lives now that they have returned.

They were especially happy to be able to be in contact with local people and to encourage them in to remain strong in their daily lives…

Please continue to pray for these young men as they put into practice here what they learned on the field and continue to seek God’s purpose for their lives.

North Africa Team


Mission i6:8 Fall trip Albania- Testimony

The team ministered in Albania from August 23rd- September 10th. The team was made up of 13 girls from three different cities (churches). The leaders were Luciana and Enza. Enza and her husband took a trip last summer to Albania to minister to the church there and this was Luciana’s first time leading a team. Also joining the team was Luigi, the young man (and i6:8 member) who decided to commit himself to a three month stay in Albania in the spring of 2006. He was also a great blessing to the team, and the leaders shared that everyone in Grampsh remembered him and were thankful for the work he had done.

Things went very well from every perspective. The goal of Mission i6:8 is to form missionaries. So it is always of huge concern to us to provide an experience for those who go on the trip that challenges them and changes their lives. So we were thrilled to hear the testimonies of all the young ladies who went on the trip. They were deeply touched and challenged by the experience. God spoke to each of them individually and challenged them in very personal ways. The group was very united and the team dynamic went smoothly.

The team was able to make an impact in Albania as well. Ministering to young people, children, in worship and in other ways at the local church. They were also able to spread out into the hillsides to minister in the villages. They had evangelistic events, evangelized at the market, and ministered within the local church itself. They experienced a lot of freedom this year in their ability to share, evangelize and minister which was a huge answer to prayer.

We are so excited about how things went and ask your fervant prayers for the lives of each young lady who went on this trip. They each made choices to change things in their lives that we are prayerful they will stick with and we are hopeful in the Lord that many of them will continue to consider the Lord’s calling on their lives to ministry. Please pray together with us!

Albania Team


Mission i6:8 trip to Northern Africa

September 3- 16, 2007

The North Africa team began their long journey to Africa on September 2. They will leave for Northern Africa by plane on the evening of the 2nd and arrive their late morning of the 3rd. Pray for safety in their long and difficult journey!

2_333_erudzg8snv.jpgGianluca will be leading this trip and has invited a Mission i6:8 veteran to join him this time in leading- Gigi Sciascia. Gigi has already been on three mission i6:8 trips- Albania, Thailand, and Northern Africa and is willing to serve the Lord full-time on the mission field if that is where He calls him. Please pray particularly for Gigi that God will speak to him in a particular way during this trip regarding the calling He has on his life. There are 4 other young men who are participating in the trip. One has been on a mission i6:8 trip before and two will be going for the first time. They will be serving the local workers there and helping in the community with pratical labor, such as electrical problems and updates (one member is an electrician).

Please pray for their safety. Please pray for the workers that they have gone to bless for their safety and for continued motivation and passion for what they are doing. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of each team memberregarding His call on their lives. Please pray for Gianluca as he guides these young men in this very important experience. Please oray for myself and the children as we are staying behind at home- for God’s divine protection, for health, and for safety from problems during Gianluca’s absence.